Bi-National Delegation:Honduras/Nicaragua

Alliance for Global Justice Bi-National Delegation

July 22-Aug. 1, 2015


Honduras and Nicaragua are neighbors and among the most impoverished countries in Latin America. They share the same climate and much of the same history from colonial times to independence. One country had a revolution in 1979 which today is being further developed, particularly through ALBA, the cooperative trade alliance. The other country had no revolution but its membership in ALBA was one factor in a US-backed military coup in 2009. The negative effects of that coup are evident.

This delegation will travel south from the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, to Estelí in Nicaragua and back along a different route.

Honduras. We will visit a local chapter of the National Front of Popular Resistance in the southern department of El Paraíso, before crossing over into Nicaragua. After a few days there, we’ll return to Honduras by a different route to visit communities living on the Gulf of Fonseca resisting large-scale shrimp farming, tourism, and the infamous “Charter City” project proposed for the region. En route back to Tegucigalpa, we’ll visit communities resisting mining. In the city, we’ll speak with teachers and healthcare unions resisting the IMF’s latest Structural Adjustment programs and learn about their impacts on health and education, as well as with human rights organizations documenting the high levels of insecurity and state violence in the country.

Nicaragua. We will visit the northern cities of Ocotal, Somoto, and Estelí to meet with representatives of the Agriculture, Environment, and the Family and Associative Economy ministries. From these officials we’ll learn about government policies contributing to economic growth and poverty reduction especially through Nicaragua’s participation in ALBA rather than through the “assistance” of the International Monetary Fund. The group will also visit an agricultural cooperative and a home for at-risk expectant mothers, meet with students, teachers, healthcare workers, etc. and spend time in one of the area’s beautiful nature reserves.

For students of comparative politics and solidarity activists alike, this will be a unique experience that will inform your world view for years to come, including the root causes of migration and “the right to stay home.” We will spend approximately the same number of days in each country.

Cost: $1,100 (includes: all ground transportation including airport pick-up and delivery, three meals/day, hotels [double occupancy], and translation)

For an application or more information:

Downloadable Flyer: Nica- Honduras Delegation Flyer