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What are human rights? – What are human rights violations? – What creates human rights violations? – Who’s responsible for human rights violations? – What forms do human rights violations take? – Our universal human rights – Human Rights Observers (HROs) – Documenting & denouncing human rights violations

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 Just released: Human Rights in the United States: 2022 Report 

We take a deep dive into prisons and policing, housing inequality, environmental racism, public health inequities, labor exploitation, state repression, political imprisonment, disability rights and more, and we identify systemic violations of universally recognized human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent international human rights treaties.

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December 2022 update: Political prisoners in the USA

Our last major update in 2018, before the eruption of the Black Lives Matter uprisings, listed 62 political prisoners. As of December (2022) that total has risen starkly to 120 political prisoners. That’s a 94% increase over just four years, despite numerous deaths and releases since then of long-time political prisoners jailed during government crackdowns on the Black Liberation Movement. Defendants of the 2020 Black Lives Matter uprisings comprise 68% of that total (82 people) – representing a massive new wave of anti-racist political prisoners which alone exceeds the total number of prisoners we documented in 2018.

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A Year in Review: Racism, Repression & Fightback in the USA

This ebook documents human rights violations throughout a year of explosive political repression, the rise of a militant far-right and the perseverance of a growing popular movement for racial justice and Black liberation in the 21st century. We review the eruption of unrest and militarization of streets, the criminalization of protest bringing a new wave of political prisoners, bolstered state surveillance and counter-intelligence and a spike in state and far-right violence.

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“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” ~ Ida B. Wells

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