International Documentary Premiere: Nicaragua Against Empire

International Documentary Premiere

Saturday May 15th 5pm Pacific / 6pm Nicaragua / 8pm Eastern

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Nicaragua Against Empire highlights resistance by the people and revolutionary government of Nicaragua against Western imperialism, including sanctions and regime change efforts.

It is dedicated to uplifting the voices of Nicaraguan people rarely heard in mainstream media, including workers, peasants, women and Afro-Indigenous communities.

The footage from this documentary was collected during the “Yes to Sovereignty! No to Sanctions!” Delegation (March 2021), coordinated by the Friends of the ATC and Sanctions Kill Coalition.  Following the screening, there will be panel discussion about the documentary and delegation.

Join the premiere live on the YouTube and Facebook channels of Friends of the ATC (@friendsatc, YouTube link, Facebook link) and Sanctions Kill Coalition (@sanctionskill, Facebook link). The event will be bi-lingual in English and Spanish.