Interview: Despite Escalating Assassinations, Colombian Farmworker Union Fights for the Right to the Land

Nury Martinez (holding flag in red scarf) with members of Fensuagro, US Labor Against the War, and AFGJ

by Maya Hernández (Published in Labor Notes)

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The situation has recently gotten even worse in Colombia—already the world’s most dangerous place to be a union member.

Right now social movement leaders, union members, and participants in the peace process are being killed at a rate of more than one victim per day. With the restrictions and curfews related to the coronavirus, death squads can more easily find their targets at their homes, and have even massacred entire families.

One of the labor organizations that has suffered the highest levels of violence and forced displacement in Colombia is FENSUAGRO, the National Federation of Agricultural Unions, which was created to unite the labor movement and the farmworkers movement.

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