Join the AFGJ Delegation to Colombia!

Eyewitness Investigation–Is the US Funding a War on Colombian Farmers?
August 1 through 11, 2010

This will be a working delegation, producing a comprehensive report on conditions faced by Colombian farmers and how these are affected by US policies. We will collect testimonies and investigate how rural, indigenous and Afro-Colombian lands are being cleared for the benefit of foreign corporate access to natural resources. FENSUAGRO is the union most targeted by political violence and other forms of repression. Our goal will be to build internationalist support for Colombian farmers and FENSUAGRO members by exposing dangers they face and advocating for a US policy that strives for peace and justice rather than war. This does not mean, though, that the delegation will be all work and no play! There will be ample opportunity to relax, enjoy Colombian culture and make new friends in our shared struggle to build a new and better world!

    Our Hosts:

* FENSUAGRO, Colombia’s largest labor federation of farmers and farm workers
* Traspaso los Muros, an organization of persons both inside and outside Colombian jails advocating for the rights of political prisoners.


$1,400, not including international air fare. Some scholarships may be available.

    Costs include…

* Several in-country trips to collect testimonies in rural, indigenous and Afro Colombian communities;
* All food and lodging;
* Translation services and in-country guides;
* Educational material and other delegation related expenses.


* Visits to rural, indigenous and Afro Colombian communities (sleeping bags will be required for some overnight visits);
* Meetings with leaders and members of FENSUAGRO, as well as miners’ and oil workers’ unions;
* Testimonies and analysis of how foreign companies are threatening sustainable agriculture;
* Interviews with journalists and elected officials from the political opposition;
* Presentations from student activists;
* Visits with political prisoners and their families.

    For more information:

Contact James Jordan at or (520)243-0381 and read more about the delegation.