Join the Central American Independence Day Delegation to Honduras

Join Alliance for Global Justice Co-Coordinator Chuck Kaufman and be part of the ongoing accompaniment and solidarity presence in Honduras. September 15 (Central American Independence Day) is the day that the Honduran Resistance will present the results of the Consulta calling for a Constitutional Assembly. Delegates will meet with members of the Platform for Human Rights and learn about the “Commission of Truth” or “True Commission” launched as a counterbalance to the government-sponsored Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which is supported by the U.S. We will also be there for the anniversary of the day that President Zelaya returned to Honduras and took up residence in the Brazilian Embassy.

Leaders: Chati Chajas and Andrés Contéris. Chati is a bilingual practicing attorney, has lived and worked in Honduras for 17 years, and is an experienced delegation leader. Andrés is a reporter for FSTV’s Democracy Now! and KPFA’s Flashpoints and has been an activist for justice in Honduras for many years. He was one of the few people who stayed with Zelaya throughout the siege of the Brazilian embassy.

Cost: $750 covers hotel, transportation, and three meals a day. International airfare is not included.

Information: For more information and an application, contact Dale Sorensen, 415/924-3227 or Write on your application that you heard about the delegation from the Alliance for Global Justice.

Sponsors: Alliance for Global Justice, Nonviolence International, SOA Watch, Task Force on the Americas