KGNU: La Lucha Sigue : Spotlight on AFGJ

The Struggle Continues

Host: Irene Rodriguez

This episode originally aired on July 17th, 2017

This episode of La Lucha Sigue Highlights the Alliance for Global Justice’s Solidarity Work with the People of South America. Click Below to Listen to the Show!


The show includes:

An overview of AFGJ’s work and a brief history. (Click here to read more about AFGJ)

A conversation about prison imperialism, with Nasim Chatha, Coordinator at the Alliance for Global Justice. She speaks about how the United States is exporting it’s for profit prison model, and reflects on how her recent visit to Honduras.

A conversation with James Jordan, National CoCoordinator at the Alliance for Global Justice. He discuses the recent Colombia Peace Accords, and the delegation AFGJ led to the region. The discussion includes  the vote for the peace referendum, why it failed, and the after affects of peace, such as hunger strikes in prisons, and increased conflict in certain regions.

Reflections with Alizah Simon, student at Oberlin College, and attendee of recent AFGJ Colombia Delegation. She discusses the history of government repression and land displacement for members of the FARC, 60% of whom are campesinos in Colombia. Peace will be much more than just a signing of these accords, but also need to include land reform and government reform.

Venezuela Webinar: Each month AFGJ hosts a webinar that feature a voice from Venezuela that is underrepresented  of what is happening on the ground in Venezuela. The Alliance works to bring those voices to the public.

The final section of the show is an excerpt of a recent webinar entitled International Solidarity’s Role in the Assault Against Chavismo. We hear from William Camacaro, a Venezuelan artist, activist, and radio host, now living in New York City.