Let’s end the wars, cut the Pentagon, and fund our communities!

The Alliance for Global Justice has joined New Priorities and we think your group should too!

New Priorities is a network of peace and economic justice organizations. We are helping build cross-constituency coalitions city by city. With budget crises stretching from our neighborhoods to Washington, we can start moving money from the war budget and the Pentagon to our communities.

This project will take grassroots power and staying power, so we are focusing locally. Our main campaign asks community organizations, unions, religious congregations, and city councils to pass “cut Pentagon-fund us” resolutions. They are a way to unite diverse forces, provoke local debate, and put our solution on the table as our communities fight cut after cut.

To kick these off, we are working on the April 12-18 Global Week of Action on Military Spending as a way to:

* Make our campaign visible
* Show our communities what we could fund if we ended the wars and cut Pentagon spending
* Reach out and join forces with folks who are working on budget cuts, community
* services, racial and economic justice
* Pave the way for city council resolution campaigns

Please go to www.newprioritiesnetwork.org or email cutmilitaryspending@gmail.com for more details. You can also go to www.demilitarize.org for the Global Week of Action, including a toolkit for Tax Day actions, a newsletter that will update you, and much more.

If you are interested in getting your group involved in this important new campaign to stop wasteful military spending and to fund community needs, drop us an email at AfGJ@AfGJ.org. Tell us your name, local organization(s), city and state if you would like us to keep you up-to-date on the campaign.