May 29th Demonstration Against Arizona’s Racist Law

The Alliance for Global Justice supports the call for a National Demonstration against SB1070 in Phoenix on May 29th. Please click here to read more about participating in the demonstration.

SB1070 is a racist, anti-Latino and anti-immigrant law that gives local and state police the authority to detain and demand identification from those they suspect of being undocumented. In Arizona, that could mean anyone with brown skin who is speaking Spanish. Already, copycat legislation is being considered in other states. We denounce this law and federal policies that criminalize undocumented workers and militarize the border. SB1070 is the most extreme face of nationwide policies that target Latino people and workers without papers.

We believe that if corporations can cross the border freely, than workers should be able to do so as well. We are distressed that, because of racist and anti-worker border policies, workers are forced to cross the border in the harshest terrains of the desert. Already 110 bodies have been found in the Arizona desert of migrant workers who have died because of dysentery, dehydration and exposure. We recognize that NAFTA and neoliberal economics have destroyed rural communities in Mexico, leading to what can only be described as a forced migration.

For the Alliance for Global Justice, this is an issue dear to our hearts. From our office in Tucson, Arizona, we are all too aware of the failures of both the state’s and the nation’s border and immigration policies. We urge our supporters to honor the boycott of Arizona and for those who are able to make every effort to come to Arizona for this important demonstration.