Milennium Development Goals Review Meeting

Ask Obama to make the meeting meaningful! The following message was originally sent by Jubilee USA.

Ten years after world leaders first promised to cut extreme poverty in half, there are still 29,000 children who die every day due to preventable causes. Next week, President Obama will join 140 other Heads of State in New York to discuss how best to meet the Millennium Development Goals in the next five years. With the global economic crisis and building climate crisis, it’s no secret that there’s a long way to go. The danger is that these world leaders will come together to pat themselves on the back and exchange vague promises – and not make the concrete commitments necessary to truly accelerate progress and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Please join millions in telling President Obama to make next week’s meeting really mean something. Send him a message today.

Millions around the globe will Stand Up this weekend, September 17 – 19, to remind leaders of the world we want to see – a world where everyone has the right to enough food, basic education, and a healthy start at life. Jubilee supporters across the U.S. have organized 97 separate events in their congregations and communities. See if there are stand up events in your area here.

Jubilee has spent the last several months urging President Obama to include an end to unjust debt that enslaves impoverished countries in his plan to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Our high-level advocacy with the Administration included letter to the President from 48 members of congress and 14 national religious leaders in support of these demands.

Your voice can now make the difference.

We know that President Obama’s speech to this group of world leaders is being written now -please send a message to him today. These world leaders must make concrete commitments, stick to them, and encourage other developed countries to do the same – and to take the steps needed to end unjust debt that enslaves poor countries.