New Delegations Provide Opportunities to Visit Latin America

If you are interested in visiting Latin America with a delegation, please click the link below to read more. There are a variety of upcoming trips that may be of interest.

Group Trip to Nicaragua

Participants are welcome to join a group trip to Nicaragua March 14-21, 2010. Purpose of the trip is to learn about the current situation in Nicaragua and the factors that continue to impoverish the nation.The group will explore various aspects of the Nicaraguan reality–political, economic, historical, geographical, cultural, and religious–through meeting and dialoguing with people in several sectors of society. They will visit a Christian Base Community, a barrio school, youth and women’s groups, a trade union, a hospital, a farm community, and projects contributing to the liberation and development of the poor. This is not a work team, but a people-to-people venture in building understanding and relationships. Group leader is Dr. Doug Wingeier, emeritus professor of practical theology, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. On-site arrangements, orientation, and translation will be provided by Nan McCurdy and Miguel Mairena, long-time NGO workers in Nicaragua. Cost is $800, all inclusive, plus airfare. For itinerary and other details contact Doug Wingeier at or 828-246-4885.

Travel to the “Land of Martyrs” (El Salvador)

Travel to El Salvador with Father Roy Bourgeois on an Oscar Romero Legacy Delegation, from March 19-26, 2010. Join Fr. Roy in events commemorating the 30th anniversary of Monseñor Romero´s assassination at the hands of SOA graduates. Walk in the footsteps of martyrs Ita Ford, Maura Clark, Fr. Ignacio Ellacuria, Celia Ramos and others. Accompany SOA Watch’s Partnership America Latina (PAL) Coordinator Lisa Sullivan in visiting high level Salvadoran government officials in asking that El Salvador send no more soldiers to this school of assassins. For more information and to apply, write Lisa Sullivan at

Human Rights Trips to Honduras

Respond to the request of human rights leaders in Honduras to come to their country to help prevent further atrocities from taking place. World attention towards Honduras has iminished after US-approved November elections legitimized the June coup, while assassinations of resistance members has increased. Leaders of the human rights community have requested a constant presence of international visitors to ring attention to this situation and help protect the lives of Hondurans. Join the Task Force on the Americas delegation to Honduras from March 13-20, 2010. For more information write Dale Sorensen, For information on a Quixote Center delegation to be held January 24-31, 2010 contact Jenny Atlee,

Colombia Delegation

With over 10,000 troops trained at the school, Colombia is the SOA’s largest customer and has the worst human rights record in Latin America. The 8th Day Center for Justice and Witness for Peace are organizing a delegation to Magdelena, Colombia from August 7-17, 2010. The delegation will focus on human rights, corporate abuse, military repression and internal displacement. Delegation participants will meet with community leaders, displaced persons, and human rights defenders. For more information contact Erin Cox,, 312 641 5151 or Ashley Valchek, or email

Human Rights Delegation to Chiapas

The Chiapas Support Committee of Oakland, California announces a Human Rights Delegation to Chiapas Mexico. This will be an in-depth exploration of how corporate globalization is affecting indigenous communities constructing autonomy (self-governance). Delegates will receive briefings from Mexican non-profits working in indigenous communities.This delegation provides an opportunity to visit and interact with civilian Zapatista communities constructing autonomy and resisting corporate exploitation.The cost of the delegation is US $500.00. This does NOT include airfare or bus transportation to and from San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. It DOES include most food, lodging and ground transportation to the communities. It ALSO includes a donation for each community we visit, an honorarium for each NGO briefing we receive, delegation expenses and educational materials. We provide each delegation with an experienced group leader and translator. Delegation dates are March 21-28, 2010. To apply please email, requesting an application or call (510) 654-9587.