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NicaNotes is a blog for Nicaragua activists and those interested in Nicaragua, published by the Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice. It provides news and analysis from the context of Nicaragua Network’s long history of struggle in solidarity with the Sandinista Revolution.



Right-wing Congressmembers Reintroduce the NICA Act in the House; Please Act!

Nicanotes: Guest Post: Babar the Elephant in Sign Language


NicaNotes: Education: A Right Recuperated

NicaNotes: Education: A Right Recuperated



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US Aid: What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing! (Apologies to Edwin Starr)



Ortega Wins Big in Presidential Contest

NicaNotes: Guest Post: Nicaragua at Peace, in Relative Prosperity Before November 6th Landslide Re-Election of Daniel OrtegaNicaragua at Peace, in Relative Prosperity Before November 6th Landslide Re-Election of Daniel Ortega

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Sandinistas Prioritize Clean Energy and Broadening Access


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The World Changes, But Not US Foreign Policy



National Assembly President and Long-time FSLN Leader René Núñez Dies After Long Illness

Brigadistas & Volunteers – The Same But Different?


Corporate Media Piles on to Discredit Nicaragua’s November Election

What is Being Done About Nicaragua’s 78% “Uninhabitable” Housing?

To Hell with the Buck, the Planet Stops Here!

Political Turmoil on the Right Gives a Pretext for the US to Question Upcoming Election

Closing Remarks Made By Dr. Arnold Matlin At The Primer Congreso Internacional De Hermanamientos Managua, Nicaragua July 16, 2016

From Armed Revolution to Cruise Ships

Nicanotes 2


State Dept. Travel Alert Shows Continuing US Interference in Nicaragua