NicaNotes: Nicaraguan Opposition Praises Bolivian Coup

Nicaraguan Opposition Praises Bolivian Coup

By Chuck Kaufman

Anyone who remains under the illusion that the opposition behind the 2018 failed coup in Nicaragua was rising up from the Left should wake up and smell the coffee as the groups representing the coup mongers fall over themselves to praise the ultra-right, anti-indigenous coup in Bolivia. Have you seen the quote from the self-declared “President” of Bolivia, opposition legislator Jeanine Anez? “I dream of a Bolivia free of satanic indigenous rituals. The city is not for the Indians, they should go to the highlands or to Chaco!” the Evangelical Christian-Fascist said in 2006.  This virulent strain of racism against the indigenous peoples of Bolivia is a return to governance by the traditional Bolivian oligarchy which has always had the support of the US government and transnational corporations. This is the kind of friends that even the Sandinista Renovation Movement is consorting with these days and for the last several years.

It is interesting to note that Amnesty International, which has had a lot of anti-government, poorly documented accusations to make against the government of Nicaragua, has said not one word about the violent coup in Bolivia that has left at least 18 supporters of the constitutional government dead. I have not seen statements by any other corporate-supported international human rights organizations that would indicate any concern about human rights in Bolivia. 

It is also worth noting that the Peasant Movement of Nicaragua from Exile, which brought to fame Francisca Ramirez (supposedly a peasant environmentalist being repressed by the Ortega government), has taken the side of the Bolivian oligarchy, calling them “brothers” in their statement below.

The putsch in Nicaragua in April 2018, was the first test of the Trump regime to overthrow the governments of the so-called “Pink Tide” that was fulfilling Bolivar’s dream of a politically and economically integrated Latin America independent of the “Colossus of the North.” The coup effort failed there and multiple attempts failed in Venezuela as the most recent effort by US anointed fake president Juan Guido fell flat this past Saturday. 

The jury is still out on whether it will succeed in Bolivia as the unions and popular movements that brought Evo Morales to power through the ballot box, and which forced the resignation of successive neoliberal governments prior to his election, organize a strong fight-back to the coup. On the political side, the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) political party, which controls the national legislature, managed to run a police gauntlet and achieve a quorum to elect new officers in place of those forced out by the army. They now have the stronger case of constitutional succession to the presidency than the racist Jeanine Anez! Whether the constitutional order will be restored will depend on the courage of the Bolivian people and the solidarity of the international community. 

As far as the Nicaraguan opposition goes, we know them by their words and their actions. Below are the English translations of the tweets above. Pay particular attention to what our former friends in the MRS have to say, especially their praise for the Bolivian army and police and their claim of proven electoral fraud, when three weeks after the election not a shred of evidence of fraud has been presented in any national or international forum. 


Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy

11 Nov at 18:09

Bolivians demonstrated that unity is the key to asserting the will of the people.

“…THESE EVENTS SEND A STRONG SIGNAL TO THE ILLEGITIMATE REGIMES IN VENEZUELA AND NICARAGUA THAT DEMOCRACY AND THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL” – Extract from President Donald J. Trump’s statement on the resignation of Bolivian President Evo Morales – 10 Nov. 2019


Articulation of Social Movements and CSOs Nicaragua  

6 h

From the Articulation of Social Movements we embrace the demands of the Bolivian people who have achieved the resignation of Evo Morales, in their legitimate right to social protest and in the defense of the popular will that can remove or put aside their rulers when they stop listening to and obeying those who are owed, the people. #OnlythePeopleSavethePeople



University Coordinator – D…


In Bolivia, the power of the united people triumphed, because Evo Morales has just resigned from the presidency and left the country.




Blue and White National Unity

10 Nov, at 17:09

The great achievement of the people of Bolivia brings us hope, only a people in Resistance guarantees freedom!

# National Unity


Nicaragua is with you


Peasant Movement of Nicaragua from Exile

Nov 10, at 15:43

#The Last dictator Evo Morales RESIGNS the Presidency!

Congratulations to Our Bolivarian Brother People


Sandinista Renewal Movement (Official Website)

November 10 at 4:08 PM – 

Victory for democracy in Bolivia

The MRS salutes, and feels as its own, the democratic struggle in Bolivia that has culminated in the resignation of Evo Morales.

Evo Morales, contrary to the popular will expressed in the 2016 referendum, in which the majority of the population said NO to re-election, resorted to legal tricks to participate in the elections of October 27, in which he executed a fraud to remain in power.

The mobilization of the Bolivian people, the international pressure, the decorous role of the armed forces and the police, who refused to repress the Bolivian people, have achieved not only the convocation of new elections, but also the resignation of Morales, the main architect of the proven fraud and the main obstacle to respect for Bolivian institutions.

Nicaraguans will continue the heroic citizen mobilization that has taken place in the last 17 months and that, despite the crimes and repression of the Ortega Murillo dictatorship, have made possible the national and international isolation of the regime, to the point of placing it in an irreversible and terminal crisis that can only lead to a Nicaragua with justice and democracy.

Our greetings to the Bolivian people for their democratic conquest.

Managua 10 November 2019



By Nan McCurdy 

Hundreds of Thousands March All Over Nicaragua
Thousands of Nicaraguans marched Saturday Nov. 16 in the different municipalities of the country. The march “We All Have Rights, We Are Millions” was held in support of the Sandinista Government which for 13 years has given progress and restauration of rights to Nicaraguan families. There were messages such as: “Nicaragua is in solidarity with Bolivia,” repudiating the coup d’état, asking for peace and the return of the former president, Evo Morales, with the proclamation “Evo, friend, the people are with you.” The Sandinista “May 4th Movement” declared itself in support of the self-determination of the Bolivian people and expressed its trust that President Morales will win the battle against the coup plotters. “We must confront the U.S. power and European power that does so much damage to the world,” said Juan Carlos Ortega of the Sandinista 4 de Mayo Movement. “We can no longer let them impose their way of looking at life on us. Every nation has the right to choose their way of life, it is called the self-determination of peoples and we are here because we are children of Sandino and we defend the sovereignty and dignity of this homeland.” (Radiolaprimerisima, 11/16/19)

Mayangna Indigenous of Nicaragua Support Evo Morales
Eloy Frank was accredited as the new president of the Mayangna Nation, the main organization of the indigenous Mayangna people of Nicaragua, at a ceremony held in Rosita on the North Atlantic Coast. Present were the mayors of Rosita, Bonanza and Siuna. José Luis Solórzano, departmental political secretary of the FSLN in the Mining Triangle, said that the Mayangna nation has been consolidated with those who work to ensure further development. Solorzano referred to the situation in Bolivia saying, “We have witnessed a coup d’état in Bolivia; the indigenous people of Bolivia marginalized by the mere fact of having an indigenous president, the best president of Bolivia who brought joy and happiness that the right-wing and the U.S. government forced out.” He stressed that the indigenous people are in struggle in Bolivia and the US-backed right-wing minorities have orchestrated the coup d’état in that country. Aurelia Paterson, of the Tuahka territorial government, said the Rosita Indians are with Evo Morales, who was forced to resign to save his life and that of his people. “Evo is not alone, the world is with you, many indigenous people of Nicaragua are with you, we ask that in the world the North American empire ends,” she said. The Mayangna Nation is made up of nine indigenous territories located on the North and South Caribbean Coast and in the Jinotega department. (Radiolaprimerisima, 11/17/19)

ALBA Countries Condemn Coup d’état in Bolivia
During the meeting of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas-Peoples Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP), held Nov. 14 in Managua, a resolution was issued that  “Strongly condemns the coup d’état in Bolivia, demands respect for the institutionality of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia and supports the willingness of the  Constitutional President Evo Morales to return to the country and convene a national dialogue as a political avenue to restore stability, peace and above all constitutional order to Bolivia.” (Nicaragua News, 11/15/19)

Construction and Infrastructure Expanding
This week the digital “Downey Magazine” published an extensive report on financing for infrastructure in Nicaragua. The article highlights that public spending for the development of sustainable infrastructure is generating demand in the market for construction and infrastructure companies that prioritize the use of advanced technology and standardization of modern construction methods. “The efforts made by the government to modernize and renovate the infrastructure of the country, maintain growth in the manufacturing sector and expand municipal public services will contribute to growth in spending within the construction sector. The growth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in real estate and infrastructure will also strengthen and expand the size of the domestic construction market,” the report said. (Nicaragua News, 11/15/19)

Nicaragua to Represent Latin America on Forest Carbon Board
Nicaragua was elected to represent all of Latin America and the Caribbean on the Executive Committee of the Committee of Participants of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) during a meeting held Nov. 11-14. Vice Minister of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA) Javier Gutiérrez said, “This election recognizes Nicaragua’s commitment to sustainable management of forest resources not only in our country, but in the region in general.” Nicaragua is applying the Emission Reduction Program that seeks to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 11 million tons between 2020 and 2025, reducing deforestation and degradation of the forest on the Caribbean Coast of the country by at least 50%. The World Bank representatives congratulated Nicaragua for designing a program that applied prior, free and informed consultation with the territorial governments of the Caribbean Coast and that meets all international standards for forest protection and emission reduction established in the Framework Convention of the United Nations on Climate Change (UNFCC) (Nicaragua News, 11/14/19)

Production of Fish and Shellfish Grows
The Nicaragua Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (INPESCA) reported Nov. 13 that, between January and October 2019, 132 million pounds of fish and shellfish were produced, representing 17% growth in comparison to last year’s production. The report also detailed that exports grew by 90 million pounds, generating US$251 million, registering a 48% increase. (Nicaragua News, 11/14/19)

Legislature Approves Development Loans.
The National Assembly approved two loan agreements signed between the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). The US$600 million loans are part of the Phase IX of the Road Maintenance and Expansion Program and the Program for Expansion and Improvement of the Potable Water and Sanitation System benefiting 432,000 inhabitants in the departments of Boaco, Chinandega, Chontales, Estelí, León, Masaya, Matagalpa, Managua and the two Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast. (Nicaragua News, 11/13/19) 

Malacatoya Bridge Benefits 40,000 People
Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI) Oscar Mojica announced that the new Malacatoya bridge would be inaugurated on November 13th in the Department of Granada. The cost of the 90-meter bridge amounted to US$2.7 million, benefiting 39,927 inhabitants in Malacatoya, El Tabacal, Tepalón, Las Tapias, El Salvador, San Marcos and La Trinidad communities. Funding for the project came from the General Budget of the Republic. (Nicaragua News, 11/13/19)

Park Delights Visitors with Massive Trampoline
The Luis Alfonso Velásquez Park in Managua is one of the most visited recreational spaces by families from the capital and other departments with a wide variety of attractions for children and parents who like the security, large trees, cleanliness and tranquility of the park. Recently the largest trampoline in the capital was inaugurated, where children take advantage to perform their best acrobatics. “A trampoline is great fun for our children because they jump until they can’t,” said Tatiana Castillo. (El19Digital, 11/17/19)