Webinar Recording: “Light & Legacy, Ben Linder’s Work Continues”

Alliance for Global Justice

invites you to a Nicaragua Webinar

Light & Legacy: Ben Linder’s Work Continues

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Join us for this 75-minute webinar about the continuing legacy of Ben Linder in community-led projects of El Cuá-San José de Bocay, Nicaragua, as well as nationwide progress.

The “Light & Legacy” delegation reports on their recent observations of hydroelectric and rural development projects, universal health care, the vaccination program, COVID-19 response, and 99% electrification of the country (with over 75% renewable energy generation).

The presenters are:

Susan Work Best, retired educator, 17-year resident of Ciudad Dario

Kathy Albrecht, longtime solidarity coordinator from New Mexico

Bear Albrecht, communications technician, Veterans for Peace member

Becca Renk, community development worker for over 20 years in Ciudad Sandino, delegation coordinator through Casa Ben Linder, a solidarity project of the Jubilee House Community

40 years ago as a young juggler, unicyclist & electrical engineer, Ben Linder came from the U.S. to Nicaragua to install rural hydroelectric systems in villages in the war zones with no electricity. On April 28, 1987, Ben and two Nicaraguan colleagues, Sergio Hernández and Pablo Rosales, were ambushed and murdered by the Contra. This photo shows a group of hydro plant workers recently hiking to the spot where Ben, Sergio, and Pablo were killed.


These events are part of a monthly webinar series on Nicaragua.  Additional organizational sponsors are welcome. Contact madeline@afgj.org to sign on.


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