Occupiers to Converge on Olympia, WA in February

Occupy Olympia (WA) and the Alliance for Global Justice are hosting an Occupy Solidarity Social Forum Feb. 18-19 in the Washington state capital city. The self-organized, social forum-type gathering is open to all occupiers and allies.

Occupy Olympia agreed by consensus at General Assembly to host a self-organized gathering of the Occupy Wall Street Movement to network, build unity, share tactics, workshop strategies, discuss diversity and discuss how to develop action plans. Olympia is near the Seattle Tacoma airport, a travel hub. Free shuttle service will be available for participants. Olympia has a strong history of organizing and is home of The Evergreen State College offering plenty of meeting space. Occupy Olympia is a natural choice for hosting one of the nationally organized conferences springing forth from this movement because of its temperate weather, strong organizing history, overwhelming local support, proximity to a national airport and it’s local college support.

The networking meeting is being called in recognition that the movement will gain strength if we help open space for sharing, discussion and development. It is also agreed that the sooner we create that space the better for the movement and that a quick first effort will champion strong gains and garner authentic self organization. Together, Occupy Olympia and the Alliance for Global Justice will create the space for a wide diversity of occupy movement members to bring their knowledge and skills to the table to share in authentic ways with each other for the goal of growing the strength of the movement.

Registration will be required, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. You can register at http://occupyolympia.org/ossf-2012/. Participants should come prepared for tent camping or sleeping on church basement floors. Subject to funding availability, travel subsidies will be offered for participants from existing Occupations. You can contribute to the travel fund go to: https://afgj.org/?page_id=1777.

Chuck Kaufman, national co-coordinator of the Alliance for Global Justice, said, “Our interest is to create a space where the many local Occupations can network and share problems and solutions, begin to know each other and figure out how to support each other. There is no other agenda. It will be up to the Occupiers themselves to seize this opportunity and turn it into a Movement Building experience.”

Bruce Wilkinson, an Occupy Olympia organizer, touted Washington State’s mild winter climate. He said, “Occupy Olympia is excited about this opportunity to host the first of what will probably be many national gatherings of Occupiers as we struggle together to build a democratic movement that will challenge the greed of the 1% and build justice and equality for the 99%.”

For more information contact: Chuck Kaufman, chuck@AFGJ.org