Occupy National Gathering Gains Steam

Occupy National Gathering Gains Steam as First Round of Occupy Express Train Tickets Sell Out!

Occupy activists are coming from around the country to attend the first national gathering of the Occupy movement and many will do so by train. The “Occupy Express” quickly sold out of its first round of tickets and plans are in the works to get more activists on board.

The Occupy Express will make a number of stops in various California, Oregon and Washington cities as it travels up the West Coast. In addition to the first L.A. Occupy Express passengers, groups of activists plan to board the train as it passes through Northern California and Oregon. The train will depart from Los Angeles on February 16 and reach Olympia, WA on the evening the of the 17, just in time for occupants to take part in the Occupy Solidarity Social Forum from February 18-19.

This self-organizing, networking event is being held in recognition that the movement will gain strength if we help open space for sharing, discussion and development. Occupy Olympia’s General Assembly and the Alliance for Global Justice (a non-profit that acts as Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Freedom Plaza‘s fiscal sponsor) will create the space for occupy movement members to share their knowledge and skills with each other with the goal of strengthening the Occupy movement.

Due to the excitement the Occupy Express is generating, the Alliance for Global Justice and Occupy Olympia plan to fundraise and purchase more tickets to help occupants travel to the event.

“The first group of 20 seats on the Occupy Express sold out fast to people from Tucson and Phoenix AZ, San Diego and the greater L.A. area,” said Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator of the Alliance for Global Justice. “Now we’re seeing about buying more seats which we’re subsidizing so we can charge $99 for the 99%,” Kaufman added.