October 2011 Coalition: Occupation for Peace

On October 6, 2011, the war in Afghanistan begins its second decade. In October, 2011, the new federal budget kicks in, cutting everything of value while funding more wars and tax breaks for billionaires.

And on October 6, thousands of us will begin the occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. This is not your usual action. This is our Tahrir Square.

It happens every day – we hear about another atrocity: another war, exploitation of people, another school being closed, more land and water being polluted, tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations and cuts to pensions and health care.

We’ve voted, marched, rallied and protested to stop what is happening, to little or no effect. We will not elect or email ourselves out of this quagmire. And as long as we organize around single issues or events, our victories will be small or unattainable.

It is time to unite our efforts in a broad-based peace and social, economic and environmental justice movement. It is time to Stop the Machine! And Create a New World. This is the only way to shift the power away from concentrated corporate capital,the root of US militarism.

We cheer when we see it in Egypt or Spain, Tunisia or Wisconsin. Nonviolent resistance to governments gone mad is the most powerful tool available, and we need it as badly as any other nation.

Will you join us in Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. on October 6? Will you stand with us in resistance to the corporate and military machine until we start moving in the direction of a peaceful, just and sustainable world?

History is knocking. Will you answer?

Sign the pledge! Spread the word!