One Last Stand Against Free Trade

The week we have all been fighting to avoid is finally upon us. Early this week, President Obama sent the three pending free trade bills to Congress for their approval. The free trade bills with Korea, Panama and Colombia are to be considered under “fast track” voting.

Yesterday, the AFLCIO held a national call-in day against these job killing agreements. It is not too late, however, to call today and make your voice heard! Time is running out to act on this important issue!

This is our last chance! ACT NOW to let your representatives know that we do not support these free trade pacts and they shouldn’t either!

CALL the AFLCIO switchboard at 1-800-718-1008 and enter your zip code when prompted. (Click here and scroll down for a list of talking points!)


Below are some quick facts sent out by the AFLCIO on the trade agreements. You can learn more by searching “free trade” on the AFGJ website.

  • The Korea FTA is the biggest trade deal since NAFTA. It would displace an estimated 159,000 net U.S. jobs, mostly in manufacturing.
  • How can we reward Colombia, the most dangerous place in the world for trade unionists, with a free trade agreement? In 2010, 51 trade unionists were assassinated in Colombia-more than in the rest of the world combined. So far in 2011, another 22 have been killed, despite Colombia’s heralded “Labor Action Plan.” Would we reward a country where 51 CEOs were killed last year?
  • Panama, with a history of failing to protect workers’ rights, is known as a tax haven for money launderers and tax dodgers.
  • America has a jobs crisis that Congress should address immediately, starting with passage of President Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act. Tell your representative in Congress to get to work for working families-don’t reward job exporters, governments that fail to protect workers and tax dodgers.