Online Poll Gets 10,000 Responses – Let’s Keep It Growing!

Congress just passed a new “defense” bill. Many Representatives tried to cut the Pentagon budget – by defunding the Afghanistan war, cutting specific weapons, and voting against the entire bill. But in the end, the Pentagon was the only government agency that is getting a double-digit increase.

“The military budget is not on the table,” commented Rep. Barney Frank. “The military is at the table, and it is eating everybody else’s lunch.”

We need a way to vote for our priorities. We need a way to tell Congress what budget choices we want them to make.

Here is that way.

The New Priorities Network has created a FEDERAL BUDGET PREFERENCE POLL on the internet. It lets you choose among three radically different budget proposals – from the GOP, President Obama, and the Congressional Progressive Congress. The results will be reported to each member of Congress based on the votes cast in their district. Because the budget process isn’t finished.

SPEAK FOR YOURSELF by casting a vote in this poll and urging your family, friends, neighbors, friends and coworkers to cast their own votes.

It is quick and easy. Go to the website. There each of the plans
is explained and compared. Then you get to vote.

Please select the budget you prefer most.

  • Obama Administration Budget
  • CPC “People’s Budget”
  • GOP/Ryan Budget

Fill in your state and zip code (so votes can be reported to each member of Congress). Then if you want to find out the results and keep in touch with the campaign, provide your name and email address (but you don’t have to in order to vote). That’s it. You’re done.