Reasons for your org to come to TDTW

Why should my organization be part of TEAR DOWN THE WALLS this November?

  • Because we are not alone. Trying to change the world can feel like a lonely business. No one group, no one person can do it. It takes collective effort, involving conversations across groups and working together on united efforts.
  • Because he seeds of change require cross fertilization. The whole focus of Tear Down the Walls is to facilitate a big conversation (and many little ones) about how we can work together to battle oppression and bring about transformation.
  • Because Tear Down the Walls is about moving forward. One of the main objectives of Tear Down the Walls is to develop a series of National Days of Actions. These days will involve cross movement issues toward building people power in the US and an end to Empire around the world.
  • Because Tear Down the Walls will be a chance to learn, grow and contribute. People will be coming from around the country to share the lessons they’ve learned. And we need to hear from you, too.
  • Because we need you on the Border, and we need you in Arizona. It is of intentional significance that we hold Tear Down the Walls in Tucson, Arizona. This is ground zero in the struggle against border militarization and the criminalization of the undocumented. Having a big conference like this in this place is in and of itself a bold statement for peace and justice in our borderlands.
  • Because Tear Down the Walls will be fun! Tear Down the Walls will conclude just in time for Tucson’s annual All Souls / Dia de Los Muertos procession, with some 20,000 people taking to the streets to remember—in festive fashion—those who have passed. This is the largest unmotorized annual procession in the country, and it is “unplanned”–anyone at all can make floats, shrines, whatever, to bring to the parade. And the whole thing ends with a big Fire Show complete with music and flying acrobats!