Venezuela Analysis: News and Analysis in English. This is the best comprehensive English-language site with the latest news from Venezuela. Particularly useful for readers outside of Venezuela.

Alo Presidente: Presidential weekly TV program – Official spanish-language news website of the Venezuelan government – Live Streaming on Sundays

Bolivarian News Agency: Official spanish-language news website of the Venezuelan government

Telesur News: Latin American Television Network, 4 South American States created this network (Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, Venezuela)

Venezuelan State TV: Official spanish-language news website

Aporrea: A quality Spanish-Language, source for political and social updates

Miami based spanish radio website – News, pictures, videos

The Venezuelan Embassy in the United States (English/Spanish)

Venezuelan State Radio (Spanish). You can listen to President Chavez’s Sunday talk show, “Al? Presidente,” from this site.

Search for news and make contacts with your local Bolivarian Circle

The Venezuela Information Centre–a U.K. based solidarity organization

Venezuelan Constitution in English

Venezuelan Constitution in Spanish

Search for English-Language news and analysis on Venezuela and all of Latin America

Blog on US-Venezuelan relations, politics, policies, and culture. (English)

Venezuela friendly english website – Miranda is back! News, pictures, videos

Venezuela Information Office


Journey with the Revolution
Directed by Finn Arden and Nina López. A Global Women’s Strike production.
Spanish and English with subtitles 61 minutes DVD

Journey into the heart of the Venezuelan revolution. Meet the midwives, nurses, doctors, housewives, teachers, gay and disability activists, who are transforming Venezuela. Visit health clinics, soup kitchens, land committees, education and micro-credit programmes… The excitement of the revolution is contagious. If you want to find out what a revolution is, this is the film for you.

Features: President Hugo Chávez, “the president of the poor”; Nora Castañeda, President of the Women’s Development Bank; Sharmini Peries, Adviser to President Chávez on International Relations.

Order your copy online,
or by sending a check or money order to:
Crossroads Books Box 11795 Philadelphia PA 19101.

Visit their website. Tel: 215-848-1120