Respect for Democracy Campaign (R4D)

The Respect for Democracy page is being updated–please stay tuned! The Respect for Democracy Campaign (R4D) is an effort to study, expose and oppose international efforts by the US government, its allies and transnational corporations to manipulate and interfere in the electoral processes of other countries. R4D is also part of the growing democracy movement in the United States to win real, participatory democracy here at home.

Respect for Democracy articles by AfGJ and Friends:


Political Turmoil on the Right Gives a Pretext for the US to Question Upcoming Election

By Chuck Kaufman Last week the 16 members of the National Assembly loyal to veteran politician and banker Eduardo Montealegre, including Montealegre himself, were removed from the legislature and replaced by representatives who are members of the Independent Liberal Party (PLI). This move is bound to be blamed on President Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas…

Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua – Permanent Media False Positives

Guest Blog Used with permission from Tortilla Con Sal.  If you are interested in submitting a guest blog to NicaNotes, send an email to: Blogs can be 800 to 2000 words and should have some tie-in to current Nicaragua affairs or US-Nicaragua relations. Proposed blogs should recognize Nicaragua Network’s 37 year history of solidarity…

Visiting Cuba

by James Jordan I got to visit Cuba before Pres. Obama did. There was not nearly the fanfare, but I can say I experienced some moments of warmth that may have even exceeded what the president encountered. I visited Cuba twice in 2015 for about five weeks in all. I was there in each case…

Colombia’s Elections Strengthen Oligarchs at the Left’s Expense

What do Colombia’s recent elections tell us about the prospects for a successful and just peace accord? Read this analysis by AfGJ’s James Jordan published in Telesur English.

USAID Grants $3 Million to Solidarity Center’s Bogotá Office–Unionists Want to Know Why

by James Jordan (Alliance for Global Justice) The Solidarity Center office in Bogotá has received an unusually large two-year grant of $3 million

USAID Dona (EE.UU.)$3 Millones a la Oficina Bogotá del Centro de Solidaridad–Sindicalistas Quieren saber ¿Para que?

por James Jordan, Alianza por la Justicia Global La oficina del Centro de Solidaridad (Solidarity Center) en Bogotá ha recibido un subsidio inusualmente grande de (EE.UU.) $3 millones