Sanctions Kill! – Food Sovereignty Delegation to Venezuela April 12-21, 2020

Sponsored by Manitos Children’s Fund and Alliance for Global Justice

$1200 includes all meals, housing, in-country transportation, translation, and program, including participation in an international food sovereignty conference to celebrate International Day of the Peasant.

US Citizens need a visa to visit Venezuela. The hard deadline for the application and $200 deposit to be received by Manitos is March 12.

Send an email to [email protected] to receive an application. Deposit and balance payment information will be on the application

Unilateral US sanctions against Venezuela have caused over 40,000 preventable deaths, mostly children, the elderly, and people with treatable illnesses. HIV positive patients, dialysis patients, and cancer patients no longer have reliable access to treatment because US sanctions cut off the government’s access to the international banking system and trade routes. Venezuela also imports most of its food, so food shortages have appeared since the Obama and Trump regimes imposed unilateral sanctions on the country.

Manitos Children’s Fund was formed to provide humanitarian aid which is legal even under sanctions. We have already raised the money and bought 18 tons of beans from Nicaraguan farm cooperatives for Venezuelan children and their families. This delegation will meet our second shipment which will include several tons of seeds to donate to Venezuelan farmer s as well as beans for the kids. The delegation will follow the beans and seeds from the port to the plate as we enable this special solidarity between the people of Nicaragua and Venezuela. Come with us and see for yourself the effects of US sanctions and life in Venezuela under the Bolivarian Revolution personified by Hugo Chavez!