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The following was published by the Honduras Solidarity Network, of which AFGJ is part.

Human rights violations continue to increase in Honduras against the broad-based citizen’s movement, which has been bravely demanding democracy and justice since the coup against elected President Manuel Zelaya June 28, 2009.

The November coup-organized election of defacto President Pepe Lobo was supposed to convince the world that Honduras had returned to a state of democratic normalcy. Instead assassinations of resistance leaders have increased. Arrests, disappearances and kidnappings of resistance leaders have increased as well. Peasant groups demanding land are under threat of attack by security forces. Human rights groups, teachers, journalists, LGBT activists and other supporters of democracy are under constant threat.

When a resistance leader or supporter is arrested or kidnapped, or a community is threatened by military or death squad violence, letting the perpetrators know that the international community is watching will often mean the difference between life and death for the human rights victim.

What you can do:

You can authorize the Emergency Response Network (ERN) to use your name and address to send a fax or email in your name. When hours and minutes matter, we’ll send a fax from you to the appropriate official(s) in the Honduran and US governments. That may be the Honduran president, attorney general, police or army commander, or even the head of a local jail. US government officials may be the US ambassador, State Department official or important Senators.

The Honduran Front for National Resistance and the human rights group COFADEH will determine when the situation is so critical that the ERN should be mobilized, what the message should be, and to which officials the faxes should be sent. After a fax is sent in your name, the ERN will send you an email including the message that went out in your name and news about the result of our mobilization. And, thanks to a generous donor, the cost to you is zero!

Help save lives and support the right of the people of Honduras to democracy and justice. Click here to Help Save Lives In Honduras. Then enter your email and press “submit.” Select “Emergency Response Network” from the list and enter the required information.

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The US Honduras Solidarity Network