Say No to NATO–Come to Chicago for the Counter Summit May 18 & 19

In May, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will meet in Chicago to discuss the future of Afghanistan, the shared costs of the military alliance and the expansion of the so called missile defense system.

As NATO meets, the NATO Free Future Network will bring together peace and justice activists to map out an alternative path in a Counter-Summit for Peace and Economic Justice on May 18 – 19.

Today, the public debate over every new international crisis or national security issue is framed by how, not if, we should use military force. This is what we’re working to change. Read articles on NATO and the dangers in their new strategic direction here.

The 2-day Counter Summit will have over 20 workshops to explore the alternatives, to wars and a US driven “arms race of one.” Register for the conference and join the dialogue.

Choices must be made between more funding for wars and newer weapons or funding human needs.

Join us in Chicago and hear speakers like Sarita Gupta, the executive director of Jobs with Justice, a national labor-community network.

She is organizing a movement which links the rights of domestic workers to quality medical care for our elders which depends on demilitarizing the federal budget.

Other speakers include: Suraia Sahar – Afghans for Peace, Tom Hayden, Vijay Prashad – Trinity College, Tobias Pflüger – former member of European Parliament, Joseph Gerson & Peter Lems – American Friends Service Committee, Kevin Martin & Judith Le Blanc – Peace Action, Phyllis Bennis – Institute for Policy Studies, Jackie Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation, Reiner Braun – No to War, No to NATO (Germany) and many more.

Come to Chicago, to meet with Afghans for Peace and support Afghanistan war veterans on May 20 as they rally and march to the NATO Summit to return their military medals to the NATO Generals in a March for Justice and Reconciliation.

Be the representatives of the 99% who suffer from the effects of a militarized federal budget and want an end to wars at the Counter-Summit for Peace and Economic Justice.

Power to the Peaceful!