Schedule for Tear Down the Wall!

Click here to see the workshop schedule for the weekend! (pdf)

Location: Tucson Convention Center

                  260 S Church Ave  Tucson, AZ 85701


Friday, Nov. 1

10am-8pm                         Registration

12-1:15pm                         Workshops

1:30-2:45pm                      Workshops

3-4:15pm                           Workshops

4:30-5:45pm                      Workshops

5:45-7pm                           Dinner on your own

7:00-10pm                         Opening ceremonies and plenary


Saturday, Nov. 2

8am-6pm                           Registration

7-8:15am                           Breakfast at Armory Park – 220 S. 5th Ave

8:30-11:15am                    PPA: Economic Justice

8:30-11:15am                    PPA: Drug War

11:30-1:30pm                    Lunch at Armory Park

11:30-12:45pm                  Workshops

1-2:15pm                           Workshops

2:30-3:45pm                      Workshops

4-6:45pm                           PPA: Immigration and Border Militarization

4-6:45pm                           PPA: Ecology and Empire

6:45-8pm                           Dinner on your own

8-11pm                              Music, Networking, etc.


Sunday, Nov. 3

7-8:15am                           Breakfast at Armory Park

8:30-11:15am                    PPA: Anti-Repression and Prison Industrial Complex

8:30-11:15am                    PPA: US Imperialism and Anti-Militarism

11:30-1:30pm                    Lunch at Armory Park

11:30-12:45pm                  Workshops

1-2:15pm                           Workshops

2:30-3:45pm                      Workshops

4-5:15pm                           Closing Plenary*

6:00                                   All Soul’s Procession begins


Schedule Note: The US Social Forum will lead a Peoples Movement Assembly spanning the final two Sunday workshop sessions.

*The closing plenary will be an important opportunity to wrap up our weekend of strategizing and action planning. We’ll all have the chance to hear the decisions for actions from the PPAs that we weren’t able to attend and to start making our joint plans for the coming year.


About the All Souls Procession

The All Souls Procession is a unique Tucson event which draws 35,000 participants on the streets of downtown Tucson for a two-mile long human-powered procession that ends in the finalizing action of burning a large urn filled with the hopes, offerings and wishes of the public for those who have passed. Inside the event are myriads of installation art, altars, performers, and creatives of all kinds. The All Souls Procession, is a celebration and mourning of the lives of our loved ones who have passed including many political messages of lives lost through war, poverty, and injustice. Musical guests for 2013: A Tribe Called Red(Ottowa CA),  Danza Azteca Calpulli TonantzinThe Carpetbag Brigade (SanFrancisco, CA), Nemcatacoa Teatro (Colombia S.A.) !Other Guest Artists at The Grand Finale!