The Smoking Gun: Recent Revelations about U.S. Destabilization Efforts in Nicaragua

Having already resumed illegal unilateral coercive measures attacking Nicaragua’s economy, the US government is now openly supplementing its economic aggression with a program intended not just to supplant Nicaragua’s Sandinista government but ultimately to destroy Sandinismo as a viable political movement. They want to turn Nicaragua into Bolivia (where a US-supported 2019 coup forced the elected president into exile). On July 31 Managua’s Radio La Primerísima revealed the contents of a USAID document with details of this next (or probably already begun) US government effort at regime change. The document outlines the main elements of a program called Responsive Assistance in Nicaragua (RAIN).

Join this webinar where our distinguished panelists will be discussing the RAIN document, as well previous efforts at destabilizing the Nicaraguan economy and disrupting fair elections.


Our Speakers

S. Brian Willson was commander of a combat security unit in Viet Nam, separated as a Captain. Subsequently, he became a trained lawyer, and has traveled to two dozen countries examining US policies of egregious human rights violations, visiting Nicaragua’a war zones extensively 1986-1990. A justice activist for 50 years, he has lived in Nicaragua since 2017.

Coleen Littlejohn has been living in Nicaragua for most of the last 41 years.  She has worked for a wide range of organizations such as Catholic Relief Services, the International Reconstruction Fund (FIR),  Nicaragua Network, CAPRI ( a local development NGO she founded in 1988), Save the Children Canada  (Managua and Toronto) and the World Bank in Nicaragua, Liberia, West Africa and in Washington, DC.

Nan McCurdy is the editor of the weekly news magazine on Nicaragua, NicaNotes. She has been a resident of Nicaragua for most of the last 36 years.

Magda Lanuza is a Nicaraguan that has had years of experience in Latin American politics and sustainable development. She has worked with many different national and international organizations. She has a Masters degree in International Relations from Brandeis University. Magda wrote the introduction of the AfGJ’s ebook: The Revolution Won´t be Stopped, published in July 2020 and written by 17 international authors. 



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