Solidarity with Nicaragua! Webinar – Delegation Report Back Video

Part One of a webinar series leading up to the July “Solidarity with Nicaragua!” delegation organized by Friends of the ATC and the Alliance for Global Justice

Wednesday, April 17th 3pm PST/6pm EST:
Report back by delegates on the January 2019 Food Sovereignty & Agroecology delegation to Nicaragua

Here is the ebook “Live From Nicaragua Uprising or Coup” that Chuck was talking about

Here is an essay on food sovereignty and agrarian reform in Nicaragua from Why Hunger

Here is another Why Hunger article on the women’s cooperative in Santa Julia

Here is a testimony on the difference between pre and post revolutionary Nicaragua

Here is David’s reflection essay on the delegation

Here is another essay inspired by the delegation from the US Food Sovereignty Alliance

Here are Erika’s Slides

Here is more information about the upcoming July delegation

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Solidarity with Nicaragua! Webinar Series

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