Fiscal Sponsorship


The Alliance for Global Justice is a tax-exempt non-profit under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. As such, donations to projects of the AFGJ are fully tax-deductible on the donor’s federal income tax. For an Administrative Fee of 7%-8% for check and online donations respectively, the Alliance for Global Justice offers fiscal sponsorship for grassroots non-profits which agree with our Vision and Mission Statements but do not have their own 501(c)(3) status, thus making donations to those projects tax-deductible to the donor as well.

The AfGJ Board must approve all fiscal sponsorship requests. To apply, contact Elane Spivak Rodriguez at for an application. If you are considering fiscal sponsorship, please read our Core Principles statement to learn more about AfGJ. Please note that we do not provide fundraising assistance other than advice and we are not a grant making institution. We are a grassroots organization that raises money for its own core projects. We offer fiscal sponsorship services as a service to the progressive movement so that it might grow and gain more influence. We do not fiscally sponsor groups that participate in election campaigns or which endorse or oppose candidates for elected office. A limited amount of lobbying is permitted under section 501(c)(3). If your organization lobbies, we will need to coordinate so that we don’t go over the IRS lobbying limits.


  • Completion of all federal tax forms
  • Send IRS receipts for donations of $250 or more
  • Receive foundation grants
  • Process donation checks and crowdfunding donations
  • Collection of credit card donations on an individualized secure donate page
  • Payroll and independent contractor services
  • Group Health Insurance (available to those on payroll)
  • Monthly financial activity reports
  • Weekly donation reports


List of AfGJ Fiscally Sponsored Projects

Donate to an AfGJ Fiscally Sponsored Project.

If you do not see a project listed on this donate page, please navigate to their website to find their donate page!