Sunday, May 28: “The View from the Ground: What We Experienced in Nicaragua in 2018”

Nicaragua Webinar

The View from the Ground: 

What We Experienced in Nicaragua in 2018

Sunday May 28, 2023

3pm Eastern, noon Pacific, 1pm Nicaragua, 8pm Greenwich/UK

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Please join us for this 90-minute webinar.  The four speakers lived through the attempted coup, April – July 2018, and will describe how it has affected their current viewpoint and work.

Featured speakers:

Becca Renk has been a community development worker for over 20 years in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua, and a delegation coordinator through Casa Ben Linder, a solidarity project of the Jubilee House Community.

Nils McCune, a longtime resident of Nicaragua, has carried out research on agroecology, food systems education, and alternative economies in Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico. He is the Regional Communications Specialist of La Vía Campesina North America.

John Perry has lived in Masaya for 20 years and writes about Central America for The Nation, London Review of Books, Monthly Review, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, and others.

Coleen Littlejohn, a Managua resident since 1980, is an international development economist who has worked for local and international NGOs as well as the World Bank. “I previously worked in Chile, 1978-1980. Nicaragua is not a dictatorship, while Chile at that time definitely was.”


This event is part of a monthly webinar series on Nicaragua.  Additional organizational co-sponsors are welcome.  Contact [email protected] to sign on.


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