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Venezuela & ALBA News: Maduro Honors Aaron Bushnell and Condemns Latest Israeli slaughter, and Denounces new US Campaign to Discredit Venezuela 2024 Election

Venezuelanalysis: President Maduro Recognizes Aaron Bushnell Sacrifice, Calls For Stop to Gaza Genocide Maduro paid tribute to Aaron Bushnell, the US airman who immolated himself outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, to bring attention to the genocide against the Palestinian people. In his final words, Bushnell called for stopping the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Maduro…

In Defense of Venezuela

By Dan Kovalik (originally on Huffington Post) The U.S. media, echoing the sentiments of the U.S. government, is openly encouraging violent regime change in Venezuela. An emblematic story from yesterday was aired in what is considered a “liberal” media source, National Public Radio (NPR). In short, this piece featured claims of Venezuela at the precipice…


These Talking Points provide a guide that you can use for letters to the editor, opinion pieces, contacts with elected officials and discussions with friends, family and co-workers about Venezuela.  Your solidarity with Venezuela is very important!  Be sure and send copies of your letters to [email protected] .