Tell Congress They Must Cut Military Spending

The following is an urgent alert from the New Priorities Network. AFGJ serves on NPN’s coordinating committee.
Dear friend,
Senator John McCain wants to keep us from bringing military spending under control.
Don’t let him do it.
Under last year’s deficit deal, military and domestic programs are supposed to be cut equally over the next ten years. The Pentagon has barely been nicked. Its budget will shrink for one year, then start growing again. But domestic programs have suffered massive cuts.
Now McCain wants to stop the clock, suspend next year’s cuts, and establish the principle that military spending cannot be touched.
It’s up to us to say: NO!
McCain is just one loud voice in a huge pro-war choir. The whole military-industrial-Congressional complex is rejecting limits on military spending. They’ve churned out a distortion-packed video, filed “stop the cuts” legislation in the House, and released a study on the economic impact of Pentagon cuts.
If they succeed, we’re cooked. The Pentagon will keep growing and eating up more of the federal budget. There is no way we can recover from the recession if we don’t cut military spending and shift hundreds of billions of dollars to the jobs and services we need in our communities.
The hawks are drawing a clear line. It’s the Pentagon or us. Let’s help Congress make the right choice.
1. Write your Senators and Representative. Click here for a sample email to your Senators and Representative. Tell them to speak out for real Pentagon cuts and real domestic spending increases.
2. Write a letter to the editor. Click here for a sample letter, talking points, a fact sheet, and tips for writing letters to the editor. Click here for a link to your local newspaper and a template letter.
And please forward this to everyone you can. Together we can win this one. Almost half of Americans say we can cut military spending safely. Let’s get that message to Congress and into the media.