Travel Subsidy Proposals for Tear Down The Walls National Gathering

Alliance for Global Justice has committed funds for travel subsidies to ensure that Tear Down the Walls is diverse and represents the broad range of activists and organizations in the progressive/revolutionary movement in the US.

Our priorities include subsidizing group travel, and subsidizing economically disadvantaged sectors of the movement. Our goal is to subsidize so that no one has to pay more than $99 in travel costs but to also weigh individual circumstances. Additional priority for subsidy will be given to groups and individuals who make a good-faith effort to raise a portion of their travel costs. Tips for raising the money are posted on the AfGJ website at this link:

Raise the money!

Your group, or you as an individual can apply for a subsidy at this link: (Groups of 10 or more will receive first consideration.)

Travel Subsidy Form

We are also offering free registration and meal ticket to anyone who volunteers to coordinate and recruit a group of 10 or more from your city or town. If you are in drive distance, we will also front the down payment for a bus which you can pay back from ticket sales. Send an email to if you will allow us to post your contact information as Group Travel Coordinator to our web page.

AfGJ and sponsoring groups are committed to full diversity of participation in TDTW. Our group is a national grassroots organization funded by individual donations. We do not have the support of rich foundations or political interests but must raise our money a dollar at a time just like most of the groups participating in this conference. We believe it is an important strategic gathering of US progressive and revolutionary groups so we are willing to subsidize those who also see this as an important movement building gathering. Please make your subsidy requests as quickly as possible at the link above. While funds will not exactly be allocated on a first come, first serve basis, those who get their proposals in earliest are more likely to be funded than those who get them in late!

AfGJ Staff