WEBINAR Sunday, Oct. 18: Uncovered violence by the Nicaraguan Opposition

Sunday, Oct. 18:  Uncovered violence by the Nicaraguan Opposition

Webinar with Stephen Sefton and John Perry, long-time investigators, writers and Nicaragua residents.


Nicaragua 2018: Uncensoring the truth—how violence during the failed coup attempt was whitewashed by the media and how its perpetrators have become “human rights defenders”

This webinar will examine human rights violations in one area of Nicaragua during the failed US-sponsored coup of 2018, with 23 new interviews of 30 victims, including those from the El Morrito massacre, showing the violent actions of US and European-supported opposition agents.

Out of all those who have written about the crisis of 2018, no human rights organizations — and practically no journalists, writers or academics — have taken the trouble to talk to any of the thousands of victims of violent opposition attacks.

Instead, they have glamorized key figures like Medardo Mairena and Francisca Ramirez as “human rights” or “environmental” defenders who are being “persecuted” by the Nicaraguan government. Meanwhile they show no interest in investigating the atrocities the opposition brought about.

Please join us Sunday, October 18, at 5 PM Eastern/ 3 PM Nicaraguan/ 2 PM Pacific time for this revealing webinar.  

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