Urgent Action: Stop Tom Shannon’s Confirmation!

He’s not fit to serve as US Ambassador to Brazil!
Tom Shannon: Knave or Fool?
Either Way He’s Not Fit to Serve as US Ambassador to Brazil

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As Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Bush hold-over Thomas Shannon was sent by President Obama to Honduras to help end the four month long coup with a negotiated return to constitutional order. The OAS, UN, and European Union all demanded the return to office of democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya as a condition to recognize presidential elections scheduled for November 29.

Either Shannon defied President Obama’s instructions and plotted with the coup regime to keep it in power, or he was fooled by thuggish coup leader Roberto Micheletti into supporting a hoax that the coup regime had no intention of honoring. After he returned to the US, Shannon gave the green light for the coup regime to continue the brutal repression condemned by human rights groups by saying the US would recognize the election, even if Zelaya were not returned to office! Supporters of democracy in Honduras have said they will boycott the election; so Shannon’s actions will perpetuate the crisis and embolden anti-democracy elements in other Latin American countries. Obama’s stated goal to improve relations with Latin America has been dealt a serious blow.

Shannon’s actions prove him unfit to serve as US ambassador to Brazil. How can Shannon effectively serve as US ambassador when Brazil has been among the strongest voices demanding that the Honduran coup cannot be allowed to stand? Brazil has even sheltered President Zelaya in its Embassy in Tegucigalpa, a courageous act that has resulted in the embassy being surrounded by Honduran military troops and assaulted day and night by high decibel noise and bright lights in violation of international law.

Shannon should be punished, not rewarded for his perfidy or naiveté. US relations with Brazil are too important to trust to a knave or a fool.

The Senate could take up his nomination at any moment so call today!

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