Webinar Recording: 5/19 at 4pm PT / 1pm ET: Alex Saab’s Lawyer: ‘How the US Starves Nations’

Original audio for the webinar is in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. 

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US Plans to Extradite Venezuelan Diplomat for Violating US Sanctions: The Case of Alex Saab

Wednesday, May 19th

1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern & Venezuela

Alex Saab has been illegally held by Cape Verdean authorities and is currently under house arrest. Saab was apprehended because of his attempts to bypass illegal US and European “sanctions” against the Venezuelan people.

Saab, a special diplomatic envoy of Venezuela at the time of his irregular detention, and currently ambassador of Venezuela to the African Union, was instrumental in procuring international supplies (fuel, medicines and food) for the Venezuelan people.

Cape Verde’s detention of Saab without consideration for his status of diplomatic immunity was a violation of all international diplomatic provisions, and raised suspicion about Cape Verde’s respect of international law. Saab’s illegal detention was carried out without a proper Interpol red notice. In addition, Cape Verde did not respect the ECOWAS ruling against his detention, and against the irregular extradition process to the US.

Join us to hear from his lawyers as well as other experts in the field of international human rights and US sections.


  • Femi Falana (Nigeria), Alex Saab’s lawyer and former President of the West Africa Bar Association. He has been at the forefront of defending journalists and other human rights advocates across Africa for over two decades.
  • Geraldo da cruz Almeida (Cape Verde), also one of Saab’s lawyers and a law professor.
  • Stansfield Smith (Chicago), of Chicago ALBA Solidarity, author of The US Plan to Imprison Businesspeople in Other Countries for “Violating” Illegal US Sanctions: The Cases of Alex Saab, Meng Wanzhou, Mun Chol Myong (Orinoco Tribune) and (The Grayzone)

Questions moderated by: 

  • John Philpot (Montreal), an international human rights lawyer involved with the Meng Wanzhou case.
  • Sara Flounders (New Jersey) with International Action Center, on illegal US sanctions.


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