US Imperialism and Anti-Militarism People’s Power Assembly

imperialism is the problemTear Down the Walls People’s Power Assembly, Scheduled for Sunday, November 3 at 8:30-11:15 A.M.

Imperialism and the spread of capitalism were built on the shoulders and graves of the peoples of Africa and the Americas. Resistance to imperialism and its military enforcement arm is as old as imperialism itself. Residents of the United States have a special obligation to fight imperialism and to promote anti-militarism. The US spends as much on its war machine as the rest of the world combined, an unsustainable 50% of its discretionary budget. Its predatory transnational corporations strip less developed nations of their natural and human wealth through extractive industries, sweatshop labor, and unfair “free” trade agreements. Militarized borders divide First Nations.  Wars, proxy wars, and drone assassinations enforce corporate access to resources and military and police aid and training violate human rights in support of autocratic local elites.

The US Imperialism and Anti-Militarism Peoples Power Assembly will bring together anti-war, indigenous rights, Latin America solidarity, trade policy, budget policy, Pan-African, and veterans groups to strategize on how to work together across movements to build a stronger, more unified opposition to US imperialism and militarism. The People’s Power Assembly participants will commit to one or more joint actions during the next year including at least one [inter]nationally coordinated day of local action.