US Labor Against the War Workshop

From a War Economy to a Peace Economy:The Challenge of Economic Conversion

Millions of workers in the U.S. are employed by the military-industrial-security complex. What are the steps we must take to move the country from a war and military-dependent economy to a sustainable demilitarized economy? How do we engage those whose jobs and incomes depend on the war economy to participate in charting a course to a new economic order rather than resisting changes needed to dismantle the war machine? How can we protect them and their communities from becoming road kill on the road to demilitarizing our economy? What lessons can be learned from the environmental movement’s efforts to move the country from a carbon-based economy to a sustainable alternative economy? This workshop will tackle these and related questions to prepare activists to engage their communities in this conversion.

Organization: U.S. Labor Against the WAR (USLAW), New Priorities Network
Presenters: Michael Eisenscher, National Coordinator, USLAW

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This presentation and discussion, filmed by students of the Evergreen State College, was taken from the 2013 Tear Down The Walls National Gathering in Tucson, AZ for broadcast on TCTV and 106.5 KOWA-FM in Olympia, WA.