Venezuela & ALBA News 7.16.2021: Biden Administration is Worsening US Regime Change Wars on Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua

The US has escalated its sanctions and media regime change operations this year


Orinoco Tribune: Company Implicated in Moïse Assassination was Involved in Attack Against Maduro A US-based security company, CTU, that allegedly took part in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise last week, was also involved in plotting against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in 2018.

Orinoco Tribune: National Assembly President Jorge Rodríguez Denounces New Drone Assassination Attempt on President Maduro & Connection Between Extreme Right and Gang Terrorism Rodríguez stated that on June 22 an attack was thwarted that would have targeted President Nicolás Maduro while he was inaugurating the monument for the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo. Four drones were used in the attack, which were intercepted and deactivated by Venezuelan intelligence services.

Alex Saab Political Prisoner Case

Statement by the American Association of Jurists (AAJ) on the illegal detention of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Nain Saab Morán by Cape Verde for extradition to the US AAJ joins the international campaign to stop the detention against Ambassador Alex Saab; urges the government of Cape Verde to respect its own constitution and its obligations as a sovereign West African state and member of the United Nations, the ECOWAS court rulings and the Human Rights Committee’s request of June 8, 2021, to deny extradition, providing for the immediate release of the diplomat.


Granma: Cuba Proves U.S. Involvement in Destabilization Actions against the Cuban People Foreign Minister Rodríguez gives a detailed account of the US organizations connected to Washington that organized the media campaign that led to the protests July 12.

Peoples Dispatch (Vijay Prashad, Manolo de los Santos: The United States tries to take advantage of the price Cubans are paying for the blockade and the pandemic Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel told a press conference that Cuba is facing serious shortages of food and medicine. “What is the origin of all these issues?” he asked. The answer, he said, “is the blockade.” If the US-imposed blockade ended, many of the great challenges facing Cuba would lift. Of course, there are other challenges, such as the collapse of the crucial tourism sector due to the pandemic. Both problems—the pandemic and the blockade—have increased the challenges for the Cuban people. Cuba’s Foreign Minister Rodríguez reported that between April 2019 and December 2020, the government lost $9.1 billion due to the blockade ($436 million per month).

Yanis Iqbal: Imperialist Aggressions Against the Cuban Revolution National Endowment for Democracy (NED) allocated about $7.94 million to promote Cuban counterrevolution between 2006 and 2010. Since 2017, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has spent $16,569,889 for the same purpose. That is why President of Cuba Miguel Diaz Canal dubbed both these entities as “perverse monstrosities that assiduously strive to attack Cuba”.Cuba’s access to food and fuel has once again been impeded and export earnings have reduced. Measures to tackle the pandemic have required supplementary resources in the context of declining revenues from tourism with the closure of borders. Cuba’s GDP fell by 11% in 2020 – nearly one-third of the total fall the island experienced during the “Special Period” between 1990 and 1993, following the collapse of the Soviet bloc.

Donate to send syringes to Cuba One thing you can do right now to aid Cuba suffering under the US blockade – in spite of sending doctors around the world to combat COVID, and in spite of coming up with its own vaccines, it is being blocked from buying syringes for its own people.


Sign on letter for individuals: Hands Off Nicaragua, US Stop Interfering in their Election One step you can take to oppose the more than 100 year US interventions against Nicaragua’s national sovereignty.

NicaNotes: As the US intensifies sanctions against Nicaragua, 191 organizations say STOP INTERFERING! See the solidarity statement and solidarity organizations.

Roger Harris: US Targets Nicaraguan Presidential Election Uncle Sam has a problem in Nicaragua, where independent polls predict a landslide victory for Daniel Ortega’s leftist Sandinista slate in the November 7th presidential elections. The US government and its sycophantic media are working to prevent Ortega’s reelection. Recent Open Letters to the Nicaraguan Government reflects the US imperial talking points. While acknowledging “the long and shameful history of US government intervention,” the open letter does not acknowledge the right of the Nicaraguan revolution to defend itself.


Webinars and Delegations

Webinar Cideo: Sanctions deny the right of Venezuelans to food – A crime against humanity

July 17, 9am ET: Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples: Report on the Present Situation in Cuba

July 17: Monthly Virtual Picket to Lift the Blockade on Cuba!

July 17: What difference has 14 years of Sandinista government made?

July 18th Webinar: US Intervention in Nicaragua’s Elections Since 1984

July 25 Welcome Rally Cuban-American ‘Miami-DC walkers’

Witness for Peace 2021 solidarity delegations to Cuba

IFCO Pastors for Peace Delegations to Cuba



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