Venezuela-ALBA News, July 6, 2018: Ecuadorans Protest Against Lula-style frame-up of Rafael Correa



Ecuador: Rafael Correa Supporters March To Protest His Frame-up

Latin American, International Leaders Back Rafael Correa As Ecuador Court (after Pence’s visit) Tries to Frame him Lula-style

‘They want me dead’: Rafael Correa defies arrest order & talks ‘lawfare’ in RT interview

Rivadeneira: Justice is Being Manipulated Against Rafael Correa


US National Endowment for Democracy distributed some $4.2 million  in Nicaragua, between 2014 and 2017, to train “new leaders” to overthrow the Sandinista government

Investigaction: Nicaragua – Media Disinformation presents terrorism as demonstrating for democracy

Mision Verdad: The Role of Central American gangs in the Nicaragua violence

Tortilla con Sal: Defeated Nicaragua opposition leaders hoped to impose their coup, failed because they lacked popular support, resorted to widespread violence and destruction

Task Force on the Americas: What’s Happening in Nicaragua


Pence’s Latin America tour aimed at removing Venezuela government and destroying the popular continental movement against neoliberalism and neocolonialism

Inside the Failed Plot to Overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

Trump pressed aides on Venezuela invasion, US official says

Venezuela: weapons against the economic war

In Slap at the West, China Approves $5Bn Loan For Venezuelan Oil Development

AFGJ Calls for August 7 International Day for Peace in Colombia, against State and Paramilitary Terror

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