Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 11.13.2020 Evo Morales “Now it’s the turn of the Indios to defeat the Gringos”


Luis Arce Speech, Assuming the Presidency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, November 8, 2020

Speech by David Choquehuanca on Assuming the Vice-Presidency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, November 8, 2020

Orinoco Tribune: “Historic Day”: Jubilation as Evo Morales Returns to Bolivia One Year After Military Coup Evo Morales: “Now it’s the turn of the indios to defeat the gringos.” For more see Kawsachun News

Code Pink (Leonardo Flores): A triumphant return to power for Bolivia’s social movements An imbalance had grown between the party and the social movements that comprise it in the years prior to the coup. As the party grew stronger following repeated electoral victories, social movements became bureaucratized and the IPSP became an afterthought. This bureaucratization and demobilization would prove costly in the wake of the October 2019 election in which Evo Morales was elected but the OAS declared the election fraudulent. People were anxious to get out onto the streets to defend their democracy from the coming coup, but were prevented from doing so by state and party officials who urged restraint. “These errors were paid for by the Bolivian people.”

Peoples Dispatch (Vijay Prashad and John Ross): China is working to expand its ties to Latin America China has developed three distinct pillars toward Latin America: purchases of Latin American goods, Chinese investment in Latin America, and Chinese political solidarity with key Latin American governments. Finally, on the political front, China has indicated in various diplomatic forums that it will provide a shield as much as possible to prevent regime change operations against Cuba and Venezuela. China and Russia have openly spoken out against the US unilateral sanctions against Venezuela, and the Chinese government is currently holding talks with Venezuela about a new oil-for-loan deal. China maintains very close ties with Cuba; when Fidel Castro died in 2016, President Xi went personally to the Cuban embassy in Beijing to pay his respects by bowing three times (Fidel is the only foreign leader who has received this treatment).


Granma: Cuba withstands most costly year in the blockade’s history For the first time, damages caused by the genocidal U.S. blockade of Cuba surpassed $5 billion in a year’s time. ince President Donald Trump took office, more than 90 restrictive measures have been adopted in just one year indicative of the administration’s intention to cause greater suffering to the Cuban people and negatively impact the country’s efforts to implement our updated socio-economic strategy. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez described as cynical efforts to convince Cubans that the blockade has no real impact, to minimize it as an issue, when families on the island suffer its effects “every day and every hour.”

“The blockade, by nature, and its further tightening over the last two years, are an expression of the historical inability of the U.S. government to recognize that Cuba is an independent nation, which according to international law has the right to enjoy and exercise its sovereignty and self-determination.”

Speech by Cuban President Díaz-Canel to the National Assembly of People’s Power The damage by the blockade caused to the well-being of the population, to the country’s capacity to meet many needs and guarantee basic services is undeniable. It affects the lives of all Cubans in one way or another. It is difficult for any country to face them alone.

The U.S. government must face the indisputable reality that the blockade harms the Cuban people as a whole, but it is incapable of breaking our capacity to resist. Every day a threat, every day a sanction, every day an act of arrogance and contempt for what humanity has managed to construct to allow nations to understand each other. This is not politics. This is an outrage. This is abuse. This is brutal. This is shameful and infamous! You cannot call economic strangulation, financial persecution, pressure on third parties, the refusal to accept a different way of doing things, politics.

I reaffirm that Cuba’s solidarity and support for the Bolivarian Chavista Revolution, for the civil-military union of its people and for President Nicolás Maduro Moros, who heads the constitutional government of that sister Republic, remain unwavering.


Peoples Dispatch: Documentary series ‘Operation Venezuela’ launches The 10-part series called ‘Operation Venezuela’ launched today across social media. The project seeks to uncover the geopolitical and national interests at play in the plan led by the United States government to destabilize and overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicolás Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution.

Orinoco Tribune: President Maduro: Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Planned for April 2021 President Maduro assured that the trials in Venezuela of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19, “are going very well.” The total number of cases in the country exceeds 95,000 with only 830 deaths. “I have optimistically calculated that in April, I think that in April, we could be able to start, hopefully, vaccination in Venezuela.”

The national total of cases exceeds 95,000 and deaths have reached 830, far below the catastrophic numbers of most Latin American and European countries, not to mention the United States and Canada.


NicaNotes: More Money for Coup Groups from US Agency for International DevelopmentOrganizations that led the coup attempt in 2018 against the government of President Daniel Ortega, continue to receive funding from the US and some European countries.

USAID fiscal year 2021 foreign assistance includes “funds to support the restoration of democracy and human rights in the region.” This document shows funding of US$13.4 million dollars bringing USAID funding of the Nicaraguan opposition since 2017 to US$102.27 million.


Video: WTF is Going on in Latin America: Human Rights Abuses and Elections in Bolivia