Venezuela – ALBA Weekly 4.13.2018: Venezuela Condemns US Attack on Lula; Bolivia “Attack on Syria Would be Attack on Entire UN System”

The News This Week

The aggression against the former Brazilian leader is a continental movement directed by the intelligence services of the United States to criminalize social movements against the expansion of the North American empire,”

‘Attack on Syria Would be Attack on Entire UN system’ – Bolivia’s UN envoy

Venezuela Embassy; Venezuela Briefing April 9, 2018

US Advising Latin American Allies on Drafting Sanctions Laws Against Venezuela

Former Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero to be Observer in Venezuelan Presidential Elections

Venezuela Foreign Minister Warns About US Actions Against Its Elections

Venezuela Teachers Sign Progressive Agreement with Government

Venezuela: Maduro Sides with Campesinos Against Big Landowner Evictions

Bolivia’s TIPNIS Dispute: Example of How Liberal-Left Alternative Media Becomes a Conveyor Belt for US Regime Change Propaganda


Solidarity Delegation to Venezuela, May 16-24 (during Presidential Election)

Peacemakers Delegation to Colombia with AfGJ, May 19-29

Agrarian & Worker Struggle in Nicaragua: Celebrating the ATC’s 40th Anniversary June 18-28

Artists’ Delegation to Nicaragua August 1 through 10, 2018