Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 5.17.2019 US violates international law in Venezuela Embassy seizure

Venezuela Embassy Defense

Rev. Jesse Jackson helps successfully deliver food to Venezuelan embassy protectors

Venezuela Social Movements  in Solidarity With the Embassy Protection Collective in DC

May 18 rally at Venezuela Embassy to protest illegal seizure


“Such Indignity is Shameful”: Opposition Leader to Guaido and Vecchio Requesting Military Intervention

Russia Warns US Against Venezuela Meddling

New Seizure of Venezuela Funds: $1.7 billion in Portugal

Eva Bartlett: Venezuela isn’t Syria… but America’s war tactics are the same

Analysis of the Coercive Measures against Venezuela

Fred Fuentes: Venezuela’s crisis: A view from the communes

China Delivers 71 Tons of Medical Aid to Venezuela

Dan Kovalik: US Press Reaches All-Time Low on Venezuela Coverage


Exxon Mobil files suit against two Cuban companies under Title III of Helms-Burton

Carnival Cruise: 1st Company Sued As Helms-Burton Takes Effect


Fall Delegation to Bolivia: Presidential Election October 20, 2019, Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Resistance!!

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) praises Bolivia’s economic model


May 18 rally at Venezuela Embassy to protest illegal seizure

May 18 Chicago: Cuba and Venezuela: Their Gains and their Fight Against US War with Bahman Azad, Richard Berg

May 22 Dan Kovalik speaks in Buffalo, The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela

May 29 Fort Lauderdale: The US War on Venezuela with Max Blumenthal, Camilo Mejia, Tracy Molm


Delegations to Venezuela (August 19-28), Bolivia (October 16-25)

End Venezuela Sanctions Delegation July 4-14

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Venezuela Embassy Collective, Washington DC

Orinoco Tribune

Stand with Venezuela

Venezuela Solidarity New York

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