Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 7.10.2020 #310 New Data on the Cost of the Economic War on Venezuela; Cuba, Where Black Lives Matter; Nicaragua’s actual Human Rights


TeleSur: Black Lives Matter in Cuba It is precisely because of Cuba’s anti-racist and pro-worker policies that the U.S. government has labeled the country “a violator of human rights.” The Revolution’s Early Measures Against Racism; Solidarity with African-Americans; Cuba’s Contribution to African Liberation Movements; Socialist Health Care and Revolutionary Doctors.

CubanNewsAgency (ACN): US blockade over Cuba has worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic So far the year, a period marked by the Covid-19 pandemic as well as a strengthening of calls to end the US economic and commercial blockade against Cuba, Washington applied another eleven regulations, noted Johana Tablada, deputy director for the United States at MINREX.With those restrictions, the White House obstructed banking operations and limited the arrival in this country of medical supplies, fuel, donations and other commercial transactions.

PeoplesWorld: Cuba helping the world fight COVID-19, despite U.S. government’s retaliation efforts In the last three months Cuba has sent 38 health brigades to 31 countries and territories, a deployment that marks a new milestone in this practice of helping when needed. To confront the spread of the new coronavirus, 3,440 health workers have been mobilized from Cuba, 65% of whom are women.There are also 1,944 nursing graduates working in these contingents.


Resumen Latinoamericano (Pasqualina Curcio): The Impact of the Economic War on Venezuela Focusing on the economic effects, we have brought up to date the calculations made in March 2019.  Up to that point the economic war had caused losses that totaled $125 billion dollars. We have calculated the corresponding damages for the year 2019 as a total of $68 billion dollars. Thus, the total economic losses between 2016 and 2019 total $194 billion For Venezuelans, these 194 billion dollars is equivalent to approximately 16 months of national production.

$25 billion corresponds to the money and material goods that have been looted from us, while $169 billion represents what we have been unable to produce from 2016 to 2019 as a result of the attack on Petróleos de Venezuela SA ($64 billion) and of the attack on the Venezuelan bolivar ($105 billion)  John Bolton confessed in January of 2019 that, “We froze all the assets in U.S. territory of the state enterprise Petróleos de Venezuela SA  (Citgo). Today’s measure totals $7 billion in assets blocked at this time. Plus, over $11 billion lost in export proceeds over the next year.”

Venezuelanalysis: British and Western Piracy of the Third World For decades, successive governments, even before Chavez, used the country’s gold bars in the Bank of England’s underground vaults in international financial transactions. Twenty percent of the world’s gold is kept in these vaults, in what is a legacy to colonial-time dynamics. “International agencies that control currency, trade and credit practice terrorism against poor countries, and against the poor of all countries, with a professional frigidity and impunity that humiliate the best of those who resist,” Galeano reminds us.

One World (Nino Pagliccia):Venezuela Is On The Path To Make Colonialism Obsolete President Maduro has also scored an important victory. The EU bloc of countries recognised self-appointed Juan Guaido as “interim president” of Venezuela last January 2019. Nevertheless, this recent diplomatic tête-à-tête has forced Brussels to implicitly admit who the legitimate government of Venezuela is and to accept Caracas terms of negotiations. The latest set of “sanctions” imposed by Brussels on 11 Venezuelans has an additional peculiarity: they are Opposition leaders showing a willingness to be in dialogue and engage in democratic participation in the political life of Venezuela free of foreign interference.

Orinoco Tribune: UN: Military Deserters Got Access to Armed Drones to Attack Venezuela A report of the UN rapporteur for extrajudicial executions indicates that Venezuelan military deserters have procured armed and unarmed drone systems with the aim of committing deliberate attacks outside international legal standards. The report also noted in the text that “the international community must now face the very real prospect that States may choose to strategically “eliminate” high-ranking military officers outside of known wars.”


TortillaconSal: Nicaragua – Virtual reality and human rights: Western human rights propaganda vs actual human rights Ever since January 2007, the Western human rights industry has attacked Nicaragua’s Sandinista government for being undemocratic and repressive. For over a decade, Nicaragua’s social and economic development and successive democratic elections repeatedly contradicted that mendacious narrative. Nicaragua’s case is a text-book example of how genuine human rights research has been subverted in order to produce highly biased reports from organizations like the EAAF and SITU Research supporting the political agenda of neocolonial institutions like the Organization of American States which is totally influenced by the regional agenda of the US


July 16: “Strengthening Solidarity between Social Movements in Venezuela and the United States” or here: Important virtual meeting with Venezuelan social movements  This meeting is being organized by the Embassy Protection Collective in the United States and the Committee for International Solidarity in Venezuela with the goal of strengthening our solidarity to act against US imperialism. The meeting will be conducted in English and Spanish with translation.