Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 9.20.2019 Venezuela Opposition Divisions, Some make Agreement with Government: Color Revolution Brewing in Bolivia

Venezuela Ready to Defend Itself After US Invokes 1947 TIAR Defence Pact: Military Invasion in Venezuela Will Have Fatal Consequences for Entire Continent  Venezuela’s armed forces said they had begun mobilizing 150,000 troops for military exercises on the Colombian border, after accusing Colombia of attempting to spark a military conflict.

Opposition Splits over Talks with Government as President Maduro confirms new agreement with some; Guaido bloc rejects agreement  The two parties agreed on a new process of dialogue and signed a six-point agreement which includes a complete rejection of the economic sanctions against Venezuela. Earlier, far-right wing opposition leader Juan Guaidó announced his withdrawal from the talks.The six points in the agreement reached between the opposition and the Venezuelan government are listed.

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Condemns Guaido and Sanctions Claudio Fermin, leader of the ‘Soluciones Para Venezuela’ opposition party, railed against lawmaker Juan Guaido, accusing him of wasting the opportunity for peace talks. Fermin also addressed sanctions, attacking them as an enemy of peace and economic recovery.

US  Again Targets Venezuela’s Food Program that helps feed 60% of the population The Treasury Department has targeted people and companies involved in imports for Venezuela’s CLAP program.The Local Production and Supply Committees (CLAPs) form a national food distribution network partnering the Maduro government with local communal councils. Around six million households are estimated to benefit from the program, or more than sixty percent of the population. Most of the food distributed is imported, rendering the program vulnerable to OFAC sanctions targeting private import-export firms.

Tales of Resistance: The Unsung Heroes of Present-Day Venezuela 70% of the people leading the different social organizations (communal councils, communes, CLAP subsidized food programs) are women. They’re the ones who, with their sweat, sustain these projects from below.Those who sacrifice themselves (but never those who demand these sacrifices), the silent heroes of today, who possess a dignity that those of yesterday did not.

China Supports Venezuela’s Sovereignty Against Foreign Intervention China asserts that it supports Venezuela in defending its national sovereignty and denounces the interference of the United States in the internal affairs of Beijing and Caracas. “China and Venezuela are victims of the practices of unilateralism, interventionism and bullying, but at the same time they are strong advocates of the democratization of international relations and international equity and justice.”

Call on Bernie Sanders to withdraw his call demand for international intervention in Venezuela’s sovereign affairs “Let me be very clear. Anyone who does what Maduro does is a vicious tyrant. We need international and regional cooperation for free elections so the Venezuelan people can create their own future.”   Bernie Sanders, Democratic Debate Sunday September 15 Call his campaign today, Bernie Sanders: 802-862-1505.

Color Revolution agenda in Bolivia Imitates Nicaragua’s The disruptions taken place and being planned in Bolivia to interfere with the October 20 presidential election are similar to the color revolution last year in Nicaragua.

Opinion poll predicts victory for Evo Morales in Bolivian presidential elections The upcoming presidential elections are crucial to continue the process of transformation in Bolivia and to counteract the rise of the neoliberal, subservient right-wing on the continent. The continuity of the process of transformation in Bolivia, characterized by pro-people reforms, national economic development, anti-racist and pro-indigenous policies, and anti-imperialist and pro-Latin American integration policies, is dependent on the upcoming elections. This means that the impact of this election will be felt not only in Bolivia, but across the continent.

Cuba denounces the strengthening of the U.S. blockade, which  has caused losses worth $4.343 billion in one year  Cuba highlighted “the strengthening of the extraterritorial application of the system of sanctions” of the United States and the impact this has had on Cuban enterprises, banks and embassies, which face “colossal obstacles” in their activities in other countries.Cuba estimates that in the almost 60 years since the blockade was established, it has caused the country losses worth 138,843 billion dollars at current prices.

Twitter Suspension of Official Cuba accounts: Have You Noticed How Social Media Purges Always Align With The US Empire? Twitter has suspended multiple large Cuban media accounts for reasons it has yet to explain, a move the equivalent of silencing CNN, Fox, WaPo and NPR’s accounts” for that nation. Cuba, China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and the Catalan independence movement.

Cuba: We are not entering a new Special Period  Although the energy problem the country is facing, along with other limitations, could suggest the emergence of a new Special Period in Peacetime, Cuba is far from returning to such a state of affairs. We cannot speak of a new Special Period as long as the central core of the country’s energy system remains stable, the Cuban President stated.

NicaNotes: What was the Catholic Church’s role in the coup? And other news A description of their role in talks, and how they moved from mediator to opposition.

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