Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 9.21.2018 ALBA Country Delegations in NYC; Sign on Letter calling for Removal of OAS head; upcoming Venezuela Webinar

The News This Week

Next Venezuela Webinar: Sept. 25, 5pm PT/8pm ET Venezuela Webinar: Examining the effect of sanctions on human rights in Venezuela with SURES, Venezuelan Human Rights organization



Sign on to Open Letter now: Demand the Resignation or Expulsion of the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro

China-Venezuela Agreements Help Venezuela Combat Crippling Sanctions

ALBA Countries,Leaders Reject Almagro’s Threatening Military Intervention In Venezuela

Zapatero, Mujica Condemn US-Canada-EU Sanctions on Venezuela, point to them as the cause of the migration problem

Maduro’s Beijing Visit Spooks a US Plotting Venezuela’s Isolation

Legislators of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly issue  statement rejecting the imperialist interventionism against progressive politicians and nations of the American continent.

Fighback News: Venezuela refuses to retreat

Chavista Volunteer Workers Repair Venezuelan Oil Complex to Boost Production



Nicaragua’s Success Threatens US Stranglehold on Latin America



President Miguel Diaz-Canel speaks on September 26th in New York City

TeleSur interview 9-16-2018 with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel

About the Weekly

It is AfGJ’s conviction that we in the US defend Venezuela’s sovereignty and recognize that the Bolivarian Revolution has improved the lives of its citizens, led the movement toward Latin America integration, and is building participatory democracy structures that are an example for us in the US as well. -AfGJ staff

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