Venezuela & ALBA Weekly: Venezuela Defiant in face of US Military Blockade threat


Letter from President Maduro as US Threatens Venezuela with War

Ministry of Foreign Relations Communique: Bolivarian Government repudiates threats by Donald Trump against Venezuela to divert attention to the Covid-19 crisis

Grayzone: Leonardo Flores interview: Pompeo’s ‘transition’ plan tells Venezuela to suffer into submission  Leonardo Flores puts the present US threats and “proposals” in context.

Venezuelanalysis: US Sends Navy Ships to Caribbean in ‘Anti-Drug’ Mission Targeting Venezuela The Trump administration is dispatching US Navy warships to the Caribbean Sea in an effort to turn up the pressure on Venezuela.The move is allegedly part of a wider “anti-narcotics” operation in the region, which in addition to Navy destroyers will reportedly involve AWAC surveillance aircraft and on-ground special forces units. The Associated Press reported that the operation is one of the largest in the region since the 1989 invasion of Panama.

MintPress News (Alan Macleod): With a Quarter of the World’s Population Under US Sanctions, Countries Appeal to UN to Intervene The governments of China, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela – all under sanctions from the United States – sent a joint statement to the United Nations Secretary-General, the UN’s High Commissioner on Human Rights and the Director-General of the World Health Organization calling for an end to the unilateral American economic blockade, as they are, “illegal and blatantly violate international law and the charter of the United Nations.”

OrinocoTribune: US Senators Call for an End to the Blockade on Venezuela and Iran (letter here) A group of 11 senators demanded that the White House temporarily suspend the coercive measures imposed on Venezuela and Iran in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

MonthlyReview: A Russian firewall for Venezuela against U.S. sanctions Rosneft is disengaging from its trading arm Rosneft Trading SA, the Geneva-based trading subsidiary, in a deliberate ploy to create a firewall against potential U.S. sanctions in future. Moscow honed this innovative technique to outwit Trump’s sanctions earlier also in Venezuela when it rebranded a joint-Russian/Venezuelan bank facing U.S. sanctions with the Russian joint-venture partners—VTB and Gazprombank—transferring their shares to the Russian government.

Venezuela: Health Authorities Coordinating Coronavirus Strategy with Chinese Experts

Specialists who arrived in Venezuela from the People’s Republic of China met with local health authorities to discuss the strategies that both countries are taking to contain the novel coronavirus in their territories. This was reported by the Venezuelan Minister for Health, Carlos Alvarado.“This is the first work meeting with the eight specialists from China. We have presented the strategies that have been developed in Venezuela for the containment of Covid-19,” said the Minister of Health.

The US’ Invented Narco-Trafficking Charges

TeleSur: Former Vice Secretary of the UN and Former Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime Pino Arlacchi; Venezuela never involved in the Colombia-US drug circuit

MintpressNews(Roger Harris): Beyond Chutzpah: the Hypocrisy of US Nacroterrorism Charges Against Venezuela

Caitlin Johnstone: US Escalates Warmongering Against Venezuela Because of… Drug Trafficking?

Struggle/LaLucha: World’s biggest drug pusher indicts Venezuela


BlackAgendaReport: China and Cuba’s Medical Internationalism is a Shining Example of Global Solidarity China sends medical equipment abroad, Cuba sends doctors and cutting-edge drugs, but the US fails to provide its people, doctors and nurses with basic tools and protection

TeleSur: Criminal blockade: Cuba outraged as delivery of Covid-19 aid from Alibaba chief aborted ‘at the last minute’ due to US sanctions Jack Ma, a Chinese entrepreneur and founder of Alibaba, allocated a donation of masks, rapid diagnostic kits, and ventilators. This aid was intended for the patients affected by COVID-19 and the medical staff on the island. Due to Helms-Burton Law, the air shipment with the donatives was unable to arrive in Cuba under the argument that “the regulations of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed against the country of destination.”

LeMondeDiplomatique (Helen Yaffe): The world rediscovers Cuban medical internationalism  RT interview with Helen Yaffe

PBS Nova programs on Cuba’s lung cancer vaccine program and as a wildlife sanctuary


TortillaconSal: Nicaragua and the COVID-19 pandemic Nicaragua has so far been among the most successful countries in Latin America in protecting its population from the virus while also maintaining normal economic life. As of March 28th, Nicaragua has three confirmed cases with one fatality. Nicaragua’s public health system offers free, universal health services based on community focused preventive care. The national network of hospitals, health centres and health posts is supported by a network of tens of thousands of volunteer health promoters called brigadistas. Over the last week, health personnel and brigadistas have visited over 1.2 million households in an education and monitoring campaign to address the pandemic.


April 3, 6pm ET Food & Popular Sovereignty Latin America – Spotlight on Nicaragua

Monday, April 06, 6:00 PM ET  The People’s Response to the Crisis: The Current Situation in Venezuela, with Carlos Ron, Vice-minister for North America of the Ministry for Foreign Relations

April 8: Francisco Dominguez Briefing:Venezuela, Trump, Sanctions & Covid-19 in Latin America (VenezuelaSolidarityUK)


Call in to White House: US Hands off Venezuela (peferably April 3)

Code Pink petition: Don’t Weaponize a Pandemic: Hands off Venezuela

Sign Petition: FDA move approval of Cuban antiviral to treat COVID-19 now!

Sign on Open Letter to Condemn Trump Administration’s Hypocritical Indictment on Drug Charges of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and High-Ranking Venezuelan Officials