Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 6.11.2021 US Sanctions Nicaragua; Free Alex Saab delegation returns

Internationalist 360: Why are Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela Managing So Well in the Fight Against Covid-19? In sum: rapid and decisive response, well-organized health systems, mobilizing the population, breakdown of the neoliberal capitalist model.



Kawsachun News: U.S. Coup Machine Unleashes New Sanctions on the Nicaraguan People US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has announced new unilateral coercive measures, or ‘sanctions’, against members of the elected government of Nicaragua. Accordingly, OAS Secretary General Almagro tweeted a letter in which he urged the President of OAS Permanent Council to convene an urgent meeting on Nicaragua. NicaNotes: US Sanctions Nicaragua Because Nicaragua Stops It from Buying This Year’s Elections

Covert Action: How Billion-Dollar Foundations Fund NGOs to Manipulate U.S. Foreign Policy: A Case Study from Nicaragua A look at the US billionaire foundations that fund US regime change operations, in part by financing propaganda campaigns to smear Nicaragua, such as fake conflicts with indigenous peoples,  its beef production, the canal.



UN Human Rights Committee orders Cape Verde to immediately suspend the extradition of Ambassador Alex Saab to the US  FYI: this is not the Geneva based Human Rights Council (UNHRC) itself. It is one of 167 UN human rights committees, formed as part of a treaty, bodies with jurisdiction only vis a vis the states parties to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, of which Cape Verde (and not the US) is one. The UNHRC is obligated to pay attention to statements of the UNHR committees.

Webinar video: #FreeAlexSaab: Live Update from Cabo Verde  report from Free Alex Saab delegation to Cabo Verde this week.

Grayzone: US kidnaps Venezuelan diplomat: the case of Alex Saab Anya Parampil speaks with attorney Femi Falana about the case of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, who has been kidnapped for the crime of violating illegal sanctions in order to feed his country. Under pressure from the US, Cape Verdean authorities arrested Saab in June of 2020 when he stopped in the country to refuel his plane while en route to a humanitarian mission in Iran. The US is seeking to extradite Saab over money laundering charges, however Falana explains why the case is invalid, accusing the US of practicing “gangsterism”. The US is persecuting Saab over his work in securing items for Venezuela’s CLAP program, which delivers basic goods to 6 million households on a monthly basis for virtually no cost.

Ultima Noticias: US threatens Venezuela, Cuba to Reject Iranian Navy Ships The US has issued threats to Venezuela, Cuba and Iran over two Iranian Navy ships sailing across the Atlantic, apparently heading to South American shores with an unknown cargo.see also: PressTV.  TeleSur.

Venezuelanalysis: PSUV to Hold Primaries for Regional Elections, Grassroots Will Choose Candidates President Maduro explained that all Venezuelans in the country’s electoral roll may participate in the PSUV primaries on August 8 alongside over seven million registered party members “so that grassroots are the ones who choose the Revolution’s candidates…The PSUV militancy and the Venezuelan people will be summoned as a whole for grassroots primaries, open primaries, so that everyone can choose candidates based on the nominations made by the assemblies.” 

Ultima Noticias: 82% of the food consumed by the country is of national production

FAIR: US Sanctions Against Venezuela cause Shortages in Diesel, and in Corporate Media editorial standards Western corporate media have time and again proved to be reliable allies for US regime change efforts against Venezuela. Alongside the occasional military threat, Washington’s strategy in recent years has relied on unilateral coercive measures commonly known as sanctions. Despite these measures being classified as “collective punishment” and found responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, corporate journalists have been for a long time happy to downplay or totally ignore them.



Granma: Declaration by the National Assembly of the People’s Power of Cuba’s International Relations Commission Once again, the European Parliament has fulfilled the sad role of hostage to a small group of MEPs of the far right, obsessed with destroying the Cuban Revolution, who have known links to Miami-based organizations funded by Washington. The spurious and interventionist resolution that has just been passed by the Parliament undermines this institution’s credibility and reflects the double standards it applies to our country. This body clearly has no intention of cooperating or entering into dialogue, or of showing the slightest respect for Cuba as a free, independent and sovereign country.



Webinar video: #FreeAlexSaab: Live Update from Cabo Verde  report from Alex Saab delegation to Cabo Verde

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June 18: From Obama to Trump to Biden: The Empire’s War on Venezuela with Joe Emersberger & Justin Podur

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