Venezuela & ALBA News 7.3.2020 US and Britain Loot Venezuela’s Wealth; Free Simon Trinidad, Webinars

Venezuelanalysis: UK Court Denies Venezuela $1.13 billion in Gold, Says Guaido is President The High Court blocked the Venezuelan government’s effort to recover 31 tons of the nation’s gold held by the Bank of England. The court said it “unequivocally recognised opposition leader Juan Guaidó as president,” rejecting the Maduro government’s right to repatriate the gold belonging to the Venezuelan Central Bank.

VenezuelaSolidarityUK: European Campaign Suspension of Sanctions against Venezuela

“I am writing specifically to obtain the support of your organization (trade union or other) and, if the response is positive, please send confirmation to [email protected]” Francisco Dominguez

Grayzone: Trump used looted Venezuelan public money to build border wall with Mexico

With the modern colonial looting of  $24 billion of Venezuelan public money, the Trump administration has used at least $601 million of it to construct a militarized wall on the US-Mexico border.

The need for Food Sovereignty: Facing crisis, Cuba calls on citizens to grow more of their own food A key method that makes countries dependent on the US is making them food importers. Cuba still imports roughly two-thirds of the food it consumes at a cost of around $2 billion annually. This article looks at what needs to be done in Cuba to overcome this dependency.

Sputnik News: US Prosecutors Try to Seize Iranian Fuel Destined for Venezuela via Court

Iran has recently been helping Venezuela, also hit by US sanctions, by supplying it with fuel after the country’s own refineries lost most of their capacity to work with the ultra-heavy blend of crude extracted from Venezuela’s oilfields, leading to petrol shortages.The US has made another attempt to stop the oil trade between Venezuela and Iran as federal prosecutors have filed a new suit seeking to seize gasoline that Tehran has sent to Caracas in four tankers. COVID figures reveal stark contrasts  As of June 28, Cuba stands out with only 8 deaths per million inhabitants. The Dominican Republic has had 67 deaths per million. Puerto Rico, a U.S. colony, has 64.7 deaths per million.Venezuela, has 2 deaths per million people, while Colombia has 61, Panama 140, and Brazil, 271 deaths per million. China has only 3 per million people, compared to 388 for the US.

MintPressNews (Alan Macleod): Twitter Targets Accounts of MintPress and Other Outlets Covering Unrest in Bolivia Social media giant Twitter suspended the MintPress News account on Saturday. Without warning, the nine-year-old account with 64,000 followers was abruptly labeled as “fake” or “spam” and restricted. Ollie Vargas noted that his account, along with union leader Leonardo Loza and independent Bolivian outlets Kawsachun Coca and Kawsachun News were all suspended at the same time. “What Lockheed Martin was to the twentieth century,” wrote Google executives Eric Schmidt and Larry Cohen in their book, The New Digital Age, “technology and cyber-security companies [like Google] will be to the twenty-first.”

Orinoco Tribune: An “Army” of Workers Recovers Paralyzed Companies in Venezuela with Voluntary Workers The Productive Workers Army (EPO) is a social movement of Venezuelan workers to recover, through voluntary work, various paralyzed companies, as a consequence of the economic situation that the country is going through. The group, with 2,270 members in all states of Venezuela, defines itself as “an unconventional army to win an unconventional war.”

OrinocoTribune: Venezuela has 3,230 Active Communes Throughout the Country Venezuela has 48,000 Communal Councils to renew and refresh more than 3,230 Communes, with more than 2 million spokespersons already validated. “We have to continue building socialism on the territorial level for the new revolutionary democracy and that is achieved by community, ” Maduro said.

Orinoco Tribune: More Than 20 Tons of Humanitarian Technical Aid Arrives in Venezuela From China and Russia This Russia-China aid brought personal protective equipment, containing more than 1,500,000 face masks, full face masks for all health personnel in the country, gowns, protective glasses, and they will be immediately distributed.

PeoplesWorld: U.S. must return political prisoner Simón Trinidad to Colombia This leader of the former FARC faced bizarre and unfounded criminal charges in a U.S. court. He’s being held under the cruelest of conditions in a federal prison in Florence, Colo.; he will die there unless he is released. Trinidad will be 70 years old on July 30. An international campaign is demanding that the U.S. government return Simón Trinidad to Colombia. What follows is an appeal on behalf of that campaign. Here are some facts.


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