Venezuela & ALBA News 6.25.2021: UN Vote Condemns US Economic Warfare — US Unmoved; New Anti-Nicaragua campaign; Alex Saab


Orinoco Tribune: Foreign Affairs Minister Arreaza Discusses the Real Reasons Behind US Aggression Against Venezuela He pointed out that the unilateral coercive measures constitute a collective punishment inflicted on 30 million Venezuelans, for the sole reason of having enforced their democratic will to choose their own government and institutions, for upholding their Constitution and for protecting their natural resources, sovereignty and identity as a nation.

Samuel Moncada, UN representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, speaks at the U.N. against the US Blockade of Cuba

Bloomberg News: Interview with President Maduro Sanctions, Economy: Transcript

Sputnik News: US Doubles Down on Venezuela Sanctions as Guaido Tours Europe Touting Penalties as Leverage Tool The Biden administration rebuffed pressure from within and without to lower its destructive sanctions against Venezuela, saying that President Maduro must first negotiate with Juan Guaido, a no-name Venezuelan former politician who has been championed by the US and its allies as the legitimate ruler of the country.

Orinoco Tribune: Two Hundred Years After Carabobo, Venezuela Still Remains Really Free and Sovereign, says Jorge Rodríguez ”What the empire does not understand now is the same thing that the Spanish King did not understand 200 years ago, that we prefer to live in freedom and not our knees,” declared Rodríguez. He said the people of Venezuela have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the struggle for freedom. “The resistance that common Venezuelans showed in January 2019 to prevent the entry of mercenary troops; the spirit of our soldiers; the force with which the people of Caracas took to the streets on February 23, 2019; President Maduro’s tenacity—all the courage that the people of this country have demonstrated in the face of one of the most cruel presidents of the US empire, someone like Donald Trump, is proof of that commitment.”

Top European Union Court Says Venezuela Can Sue Over Sanctions  The decision overturns a lower court ruling that found Nicolas Maduro’s government didn’t have standing to challenge EU sanctions. The Court of Justice of the European Union found that Venezuela does have standing to challenge the sanctions barring the South American country from purchasing arms from the bloc as well as freezing the assets and restricting travel of more than 50 officials.


Case of Alex Saab

Mision Verdad: Latest News on the Kidnapping of Alex Saab in Cape Verde A summary of the history of the case.

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Demands Government of Cape Verde Guarantee Right to Life & Due Process to Alex Saab Full communique by Venezuelan government.

Free Alex Saab! Sign the Petition to Cape Verde! Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky,Vijay Prashad, Alfred de Zayas, Medea Benjamin, Max Blumenthal urge you to sign

Ultima Noticias: Attorney General described the illegal detention of Alex Saab as kidnapping Tarek William Saab declared the illegal process against Alex Saab “has been used with great infamy to attack the Venezuelan institutions while his arrest was totally illegal, I call it kidnapping, he has a diplomatic ground that assists him, he did many legal activities in favor of the acquisition of medicines, food, among others..“in the middle of one of these activities he was illegally detained, where, as he himself has pointed out, his human rights, his right to defense, due process, have been totally violated, and they claim present it as a trophy of a war.”



NicaNotes:  US Government-Media campaign against Nicaragua: What if it Happened Like This in the US?

TeleSur: Nicaragua’s Political Opposition as Organized Crime Despite numerous reports in international media to the contrary, none of the people arrested had been selected by any of Nicaragua’s political alliances or parties as possible candidates for the upcoming general election on November 7th this year. All those arrested face well-supported indictments for illegal activities that would incur criminal prosecution in the United States, any country of the European Union and practically every country in Latin America and the Caribbean.



Granma: The world reacts to Cuba’s demand: 184 nations against the U.S. blockade! The Cuban resolution demanding an end to the blockade was approved this Wednesday in the UN General Assembly by 184 votes in favor, 2 against and 3 abstentions. Colombia, Ukraine and Brazil abstained; while the US and Israel opposed Cuba’s demand.

Granma: Cuba’s Abdala vaccine, with three doses, demonstrates 92.28% efficacy

Help Send Syringes to Cuba! — An urgent appeal from Ed Asner




webinar video: From Obama to Trump to Biden: The Empire’s War on Venezuela with Joe Emersberger and Justin Podur

Orinoco Tribune: Cooperation and Coordination: The Challenges of Independent Media—Discussion with Jesus Rodriguez, Camila Escalante and Ben Norton Orinoco Tribune celebrated

Film Sacha, A Child from Chernobyl  with remarks by the Cuban Ambassador to the US, Lianys Torres Rivera

Webinar video: The Social and Health Effects of Sanctions – Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Syria, Iran

Webinar video: Nicaragua’s Inspiring Social and Economic Advances

webinar video: 24-Hour Global Online Picket Against the US Blockade on Cuba!

July 1: The World Says No To The Embargo On Cuba! Webinar Registration

July 5: Sanctions deny the right of Venezuelans to food – A crime against humanity Joao Pedro Stedile, National Coordinator of Brazil’s Landless Movement (MST) // Carlos Ron, President of the Simon Bolivar Institute, Venezuela // Maria Rodriguez, CLAP (Committees for Supply & Production) Representative, Francisco Dominguez, VSC Secretary.




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